10 of the Best Christmas Books for Kids


It’s no secret that I love to read and share a good book with my children. I especially look forward to Christmas books, because one of our traditions is to buy a few new ones each year and read our collection only during the Christmas Season. These books are very special to the kids as they anticipate and prepare for Christmas Day.

I have already written a post on the best kids book every child should know, and now I am sharing 10 of the best Christmas books for kids. I hope this list helps you find new favorites!

1. The Legend of the Christmas Stocking

by Rick Osborne

The book shares the story of a boy who learns about giving and self-sacrifice. Through the story St. Nicholas and the legend that surrounds the very first Christmas stockings, we learn of a wish come true.

the legend of the christmas stocking

2.The Legend of the Candy Cane

by Lori Walburg

Through a story about a little girl and a store keeper, this books shares the history of everybody’s favorite Christmas candy.

the legend of the candy cane

3. The Legend of St. Nicholas: A Story of Christmas Giving

by Dandi Daley Mackall

This book talks about the origins of the Santa Claus tradition and it’s a great book to explain children why in some countries people celebrate December 6th.


4. The Three Gifts of Christmas

by Jennie & Randall Bishop

After many extraordinary Christmases, a little princess gets only three gifts from her parents and she learns about thankfulness and sacrificial giving.


5.Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect

by Richard H. Schneider

The story is about a little pine tree who shows the rest of the forest that giving up perfection for the sake of love is the best way to be the perfect Christmas tree.

why christmas trees aren't perfect

6. The Night Before Christmas

by Clement C Moore

A classic, ‘nough said.


7. The Wild Christmas Reindeer

by Jan Brett

A story about an elf who is in charge of training the reindeer for the greatest task in their life: pulling Santa’s sleigh.

the wild christmas reindeer

8. Humphrey’s First Christmas

by Carol Heyer

A fun story about a very dramatic camel who happens to carry the magi’s gifts to the baby Jesus.

humphrey's first christmas.png

9.Mortimer’s Christmas Manger

by Karma Wilson

Mortimer is a tiny mouse who is looking for a warm home for the winter. He stumbles upon a nativity scene and finds it to be the best new home, until he hears the true story about who really lives there.

mortimer's christmas manger

10.Too Many Tamales

by Gary Soto

A funny and sweet story about a little girl who lost her mother’s ring while making tamales for Christmas.


What are your favorite Christmas books?



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