$10 (or less) Gifts for Everyone


Listen, we’ve all be there. You realize you need a last-minute gift for a neighbor, hairstylist, or mail carrier. Maybe you’re on the hunt for a quality stocking stuffer that won’t break the bank, or you totally forgot that Secret Santa exchange you agreed to participate in. 

No matter the situation, inexpensive gifts don’t have to be useless. Here’s a list of fun, unique, and even functional gifts you just may need this year. 

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For Adults

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

We’re in the middle of a pandemic in a year that’s proved to be nothing less than chaotic. Everyone could use a diffuser necklace with some lavender in it. 


Mask Lanyard

How did I miss that these were a thing? Cute and functional with a variety of styles? Sign me up!

Mr. Rogers Funko

If you can’t look at this Funko and just immediately feel warm and gooey inside, then you’re officially the Grinch. Just kidding. But seriously, how adorable is he?


Board Games or Card Games

These are great for when you really just don’t know what to get someone. A simple card game or a nostalgic board game is almost always a hit. 

Thoughtfulls Pop Open Cards

If you are looking for something more on the sentimental side, I think these are wonderful! Each card has an inspiring message on it, and there are a bunch of different topics to choose from. 

Snowflake Multitool

So these little tools are pretty cool! This 18-in-1 tool is perfect for the tool obsessed person who has everything. 


Foot Massage Roller

This gift is great for anyone who is on their feet all day; doctors and nurses, delivery workers, and teachers come to mind. Also, a great gift if you know someone who just needs to treat themselves to some self-care.


Jade Roller

Speaking of self-care! A jade roller is a must for anyone who enjoys massages, makeup, or skincare. 

Wooden Nose Shaped Glasses Holder

For the person who truly has everything, including glasses. This fun gift will no doubt get a giggle, but will also serve a purpose.

Gift Card to Your Favorite Local Coffee Shop

When in doubt, consider supporting a local business with a gift card purchase. I’ve linked a list of local coffee shops to support.

For Kids

Mermaid Tail Backpack

I feel like mermaids are everywhere right now. So this cute backpack will likely be super popular with the tweens in your life.

LED Dino Nightlight

This cute little, chubby dino is too fun to ignore! The fact that it has multiple colors is a big selling point as well. 

Pop Bubble Toy

My 3 year old has one of these and really enjoys it, especially in the car. My 9-month-old likes it too for chewing on. So a toy under $10 that both kiddos enjoy… winner! There’s also an alphabet version for older kiddos. 

Baby Einstein Symphony Toy

I love this toy for babies because it’s multipurpose. It plays classical music and has gentle lighting (good for calming play), is great for practicing grasping skills, and can be used as a teether. 

LCD Writing Tablet

Another great toy for traveling! This is also great for any time kids have to be sitting for a while. Think doctor appointments, hair cuts, or at restaurants. I also really like that it’s a quiet toy!

Magnetic Rings Fidget Toys

I love a good sensory toy, and this one is for older kids! I think of this as like an upgraded fidget spinner, with six magnetic rings you can combine in various ways for unlimited play. 

Disney Frozen Cosmetic Set

Kid friendly makeup and nail polish is a must for kiddos that want to start experimenting with cosmetics. Also, it’s FROZEN, so how can you go wrong?

Flying Discs

These are a great toy for getting outside but are still safe to play with inside too. I remember having something like this as a kid, so they’re pretty timeless.

Fisher-Price Taco Tuesday Gift Set

Another cute gift for the new babies in your life! This three piece set ( a clacker, crinkle toy, and rattle) will definitely be a hit with any little one.

What are your favorite inexpensive gifts to give?


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