10 Reasons to Plan a Family Camping Trip


Apparently, I am a camper now. Never once had I ever been camping, even as a kid. I totally never pictured myself as a sleep on the ground, live in a tent kind of gal. But, I did it.

And you know what? I loved it!

It was EXACTLY what my family and I needed. Fresh air, cool temperatures, adventures, nature, unplugging, and campfires. I had no idea camping could be so refreshing and relaxing. 

There are so many reasons to plan a family camping trip but here are my top 10! 

1. Fresh Air

There is nothing that is better for the family, and for your health, than being in the great outdoors! Camping is the one of the best ways to enjoy fresh air as a family. Fresh air cleans our lungs, strengthens our immune systems, improves blood pressure and heart rate, all while helping improve our general mental health. 

2. Living off the Land

What a lesson for the kids that they can live off the land?! Catching a fish and cooking it for dinner. Making a campfire and then cooking food the good old fashion way. These are things that are not as difficult as kids may think. These skills are something they will never forget, and bonding over learning together is priceless. 

3. Being Comfortable in Nature 

Are your children scared of the dark, or have a fear of animals in the night? Camping is a great way to get comfortable being outdoors. Learning that you can take necessary precautions to be safe in nature is also a valuable lesson for kids to learn (and for adults too)!

4. Campfire Conversations

There is nothing like the banter, music, stories, and good conversations that take place around a campfire. There aren’t any distractions except one another’s company. Need I say more? Those moments are unforgettable. 

5. Outdoor Adventures

There is so much nature has to offer us! And the things we discover as a family are so precious whether you find amazing trees to climb, some wildlife, the perfect waterfall or a breathtaking view. There is nothing better than discovering these adventures together. 

6. Imaginations

With only nature and each other at their fingertips, your children are allowed to explore with their imaginations, play with their imaginations, and be silly with their imaginations. And that is something truly special to witness as a parent. 

7. Being Together

Quality time as a family is hard to come by sometimes between work, school, extracurricular activities, and well…life. Whether its just your family, or family and friends, taking the time to slow down and be present with each other, listen to each other, snuggle together, and look at the stars together is just simply a beautiful thing. 

8. Creating Traditions

Establishing new traditions are the types of things that children take with them their entire life, and eventually to their own children. For example, when we go camping you can guarantee that we will have s’mores for breakfast (did you know they make marshmallows with chocolate inside?!), eat a pickle every day, and bless the tent. 

9. Learning Something New

Every camping trip is bound to bring something new to the table! New lessons are at every turn and you can discover new things about yourselves and nature! 

10. Unplugging

This is probably the most important reason to go “off the grid,” and is something I think EVERYONE needs in 2020. No Televisions, no devices; put your phone on “do not disturb” and unplug for the weekend. You wouldn’t believe how liberating it is to do so! We could all use a break from the screens to remind us what it really important in life. The only device I would bring camping is a camera! 

Want to try camping but don’t have the equipment? No problem. Camping equipment  is relatively inexpensive, or easy to borrow from friends or family. So take a leap and plan a camping trip! You may end up turning your family into “Happy Campers!”

What’s your favorite thing about camping?

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