10 Spring Break at Home Activities

As the pandemic still looms, we are making plans to stay home for Spring Break. Here are a few of the activities on our to do list.


Spring Break is almost here!

Have you made plans? Are you preparing to Spring Break at home? Are you going somewhere fun?

There are many places that have opened completely and/or have relaxed the mask requirements, but there are many people who are still not comfortable being among the masses. I am one of those people. I would rather wait until more people are vaccinated and the COVID-19 cases have dropped significantly. Therefore, we are planning to stay at home for Spring Break.

Here are a few things I am preparing to do for Spring Break at home:

1. Purchase an inflatable pool, pool toys, and a pool cover

If the weather keeps going the way it is, there will definitely be days warm enough for water play. Once the weather is warmer, the pools will sell out FAST. Best to buy one now.

2. Load up on sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk keeps my daughter entertained for a very long time. Hopscotch is a house favorite to draw! I usually purchase sidewalk chalk from Dollar Tree or Target.

3. Bike rides

Hopefully, Spring Break will be when we finally get those training wheels off! Remember to use proper bike safety!

4. Movie nights 

Since school is back five days a week, we haven’t had much time to catch up on shows and movies. We will use our spring break at home to binge a few shows, watch some movies, and enjoy some of our favorite snacks.

5. Karaoke

Who doesn’t love to sing loud and proud?! There are many places that sell simple karaoke machines, making it easy to have some karaoke fun at home. 

6. Utilize the Richland Library system

Some of the library locations are offering limited indoor browsing. Be sure to call your local location for their current services. But, as always, you can still request some fun holds, attend online storytime, and take advantage of the carry out art kits!

7. Video games

I know we need to limit screen time, but we LOVE video games. Our favorites are Just Dance and Wii Sports! It has to be ok since a little exercise is involved, right?

8. Cooking and baking 

Spring Break is the perfect time to get in the kitchen and try out some new recipes! You can also pull out your old favorites, and try to spice them up a bit. Either way, it’s a great way to spend time together as a family!

9. Sleep in

How often do we get to do this? Hardly ever! Not even on the weekends. So my family will be taking full advantage of our week off to catch some extra ZZZZZZZ’s…

10. Enjoy the moments of nothingness

It’s easy to get caught up in scheduled activities. And scheduled activities are fun, but sometimes we also need to just stop and enjoy doing nothing. Why not grab a book or magazine and chill out? 

What are your Spring Break plans?


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