3 Reasons Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account


    3 Reasons Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account | Columbia SC Moms Blog

    Several of my friends have deactivated their Facebook accounts in the past. The reason most people deactivate from social media is to disconnect from “Fakebook” and have more time to engage in reality. Facebook is a place where I share pictures of my children and my life. Of course I display the parts of our life that are happy and prosperous. Who doesn’t? No one wants to see negativity. But you know what? Negativity is real. It is a real emotion that people feel and it is completely normal. Please don’t take this as a “negative nancy” post, but look at it as a way to help yourself or someone else. Maybe you too have deactivated your Facebook in the past for one of the reasons listed below. Here are mine.


    Whenever my husband and I are going through a rough patch in our relationship, it is particularly annoying to see Facebook friends mushy in love with their significant others. It can even cause us to be resentful to our own spouse. My husband surprises me with practical things – like a bottle of wine. And it’s been awhile since I have been surprised with that since I just had a baby. So lately he surprises me with milkshakes. I am forever grateful. Trust me I am. But when I see Facebook friends being surprised with romantic dinners, expensive jewelry, perfume, and even vehicles, I can say that the green monster of envy arrives. We have five beautiful children, one that is a newborn, and we don’t have the time or money for romantic dates or expensive flowers or jewelry. I have definitely enjoyed my Facebook leave so I don’t have to see the highlights of everyone else’s romance.


    I mentioned we have five kids together, right? So, vacations that include our kids are expensive. I am a stay-at-home mom, so we survive off of my husband’s income. We have our own business and last year was pretty tough on us. I watched on Facebook as friends traveled to Europe, Las Vegas, the Caribbean, Disney World, and even Alaska. It was hard knowing we couldn’t take our kids on a distant vacation. Last summer we took our kids camping at the Cherokee North Carolina KOA in a tent for one night and the next day we all went to Santa’s Land and then came back home – because that is what we could afford. It was a fun trip. Camping at 20 weeks pregnant was most definitely not very comfortable, but the time with my family and the s’mores were great! I wish we could do more and see the world. But I am thankful that we were able to leave town just for one night and spend time with our children. My New Year’s resolution this year was to learn to be grateful for what I have. I think ditching Facebook is helping with my resolution.


    Facebook has this way of completely sucking you in. I will start scrolling and reading, and before I know it 20 minutes have gone by. Then I feel guilty because of all of the things I could have done in that time, like laying on the floor with my daughter, taking a nap, or even writing this article. Facebook will consume our time and positive energy by taking your focus off your family. I want my children to remember me. Not a woman who always had a phone in her hand curious about what everyone else was doing.

    Maybe this article helped show you that taking a step back from social media can be a good thing. Maybe you know someone who could benefit from reading this post. Time is precious and fleeting. Make sure you are spending it on the things that are truly important in life.

    Have you ever deactivated your Facebook? What was your reason?


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