3 Reasons to Have an Adult Disney Vacation


Just a few weeks ago my husband and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary. We struggled to think of somewhere to go but finally decided on Disney World. Neither one of us had been in over 20 years, and so much has changed since then. There is even a whole new park that was not there the last time my husband visited.

When I presented the idea to him he was a little hesitant at first, but I explained it to him like this: “We are going to do the adult side of Disney.”

We ended up going to Hollywood Studios to visit the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, to Epcot to eat our way around the world, and to Universal Studios because I am a librarian and, naturally, had to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (not a Disney park FYI).

We didn’t have to worry about strollers or any extra stuff to carry around. Everything was so much easier without having to navigate our children and their stuff, especially with all of the new COVID policies and procedures.

So, here are my top reasons why adults should not be afraid to take that Disney trip without their kids.  

1. Price

This one may seem obvious, but I challenge you to price check the difference for two adults vs. a whole family. It seems like by adding one kid into the mix the cost instantly doubles, which to me feels like one kid is the same cost as two adults. It is exponentially cheaper to do Disney with just two adults. In fact, we were able to stay on-site at a Disney resort and still have play money for any souvenir we wanted. 

2. Single Rider Lines

Look, I love my husband dearly, however, I am also OK to go on a ride without him. We tested our theory out multiple times at different parks and found that single rider lines were never longer than 10 minutes. Whereas standard lines had people waiting up to an hour and a half. If we would have been with our kids we would have obviously had to ride together, as I would never trust my four and six-year-old on a single rider line. This means we would have spent a majority of our day waiting in lines and we would have had less time to explore the parks and all they had to offer. 

3. We Could Do Whatever We Wanted

If we wanted to stay at the park all day and play we could. We didn’t have to go take a nap in the middle of the day. We weren’t dragged into the sing-alongs and other young attractions. We could do all the coasters, Tower of Terror, and every “scary” ride we wanted. We didn’t have to worry if our kids were tall enough for a ride, or where we needed to park our stroller.

We could eat where we wanted without the dreaded “I don’t know where or what I want” conversation. We heard adults on more than one occasion say out loud “Man, it must be nice to be able to do this without kids.” Let me just say it really is, and you should try it!

We are planning another Disney trip very soon to take our kids for the first time. Now we have more understanding of the parks and the new COVID guidelines since we went first. We feel more prepared knowing where things are, and what we really need to bring along each day. Lastly, since we have already enjoyed our adult trip we can focus on letting the next trip be all about the kids so they can enjoy the magic of Disney. 

Have you done an adult-only trip to Disney? What was your experience?

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Lauren Black is a born and bred Lexington native who grew up wanting to be a teacher in the school district she attended. Her career path took a slight turn in her final year of college where she realized her love for libraries and literature. She worked in the public library setting for 7 years before transitioning to be a school librarian in 2018. She now gets to utilize both of her degrees, as well as live her childhood dream of teaching in the school district she grew up in. She is married to Andrew Black, owner of Black Tiger Taekwondo in Lexington. She is also a mom to Lee and Ava, and four rescue kitties. Being a mom, business owner, and educator has its challenges but it is so rewarding! In her free time, Lauren loves to binge-watch shows on Netflix, taking taekwondo classes with her kids to work on getting her black belt, and get her exercise in with some cardio drumming. She can identify with female entrepreneurs, and moms who are trying to find themselves and their bodies again after having kids.


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