3 Ways to Set Your Student Up for Success Throughout the School Year

Columbia Mom is proud to partner with Carolus Online Academy to bring our readers the following post.

Did you know that career prep can start as early as kindergarten?

Carolus Online Academy is a new education option for South Carolina families who are looking for a learning environment that prepares their children for real-world challenges, guiding them toward a bright and fulfilling future.

“At Carolus Online Academy, we believe that every student deserves the opportunity to access a transformative education that prepares them for their future,” said John Pallasch, Carolus Online Academy board chair. “The groundwork for our children’s future begins as early as kindergarten — ultimately setting students on a clear path for success with endeavors such as employment, enrollment or enlistment.” 

Whether they already know where they’re headed or are just beginning to find their way, this program can help students navigate where they want to go. Here are the top three ways that an online learning environment like Carolus could support your student in their educational journey, according to Mike Ames, Executive Director at Carolus Online Academy: 

Virtual and in-person field trips, plus sessions with guest speakers

Field trips and guest speakers allow students to interact with potential real-world applications of various career pathways.

Career exploration courses

Find opportunities that make careers come alive in your child’s classroom! Projects that give students a peek at varying industries allow students to apply real-world thinking like engineers, teachers, architects, doctors, and more. They become engaged through creativity and critical-thinking skills to solve a problem.

At Carolus, students learn about 15+ industries that align with the largest workforce needs in SC (think: hospitality, health and human services, and business marketing).


Your child is on their own educational journey! When he or she has the freedom to take a break or focus on an activity that they’re passionate about, they craft their own learning experiences.

With the personal ownership that comes with having a flexible learning schedule, students at Carolus gain first-hand experience with time and task management skills.

Most importantly, Carolus is a place where teachers truly get to know their students and care for them deeply.  Our instruction is based on these close relationships and then tailored to fit their specific needs.  At Carolus, every child is important, every child matters, and every child will receive the close, personal attention that is so vital for their success.

Carolus Online Academy is a tuition-free online public school serving grades K–8 with plans to expand to grade 12 in the 2024–2025 school year. If you’re interested in learning more, whether for the 2023-2024 school year or next year, visit the school’s website to learn more: coa.K12.com.

It’s not too late, the school is still enrolling students for the current school year.



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