4 Father’s Day Books for Little Kids


Father’s Day is a great way to celebrate the special dads in your life. For me, that includes my dad, grandfather, and husband. I found some fun books to help share the meaning of the holiday to my young daughter. I hope your littles enjoy these as much as we did! 

A Perfect Father’s Day

by Eve Bunting

This book is my favorite, especially since the little girl’s name is Susie – the nickname I call my youngest. Susie takes her dad out to eat, to the duck pond, and the park. Her dad offers to pay for all of their adventures. This is such a cute book about a little girl spending time with her dad.

A Wild Father’s Day

by Sean Callahan

This is an active book about a dad and his two children. They stretch like cats, hop like kangaroos, swing like monkeys, and much more. They finish their fun day cozying up with dad who reads them a bedtime story. 

Biscuit Loves Father’s Day

by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Biscuit barks as the little girl and her dad bird watch, and they discover a family of robins. The little girl and her dad make sandwiches together, build a campfire, and spend the whole day with one another. Unfold the big flaps and join Biscuit for fun times with Dad — exploring, playing, and sharing.

The Greatest Father’s Day of All

by Anne Mangan

This book is about a dad who is disappointed his family forgot Father’s Day. “Mum” reminds him that Father’s Day is actually next week! He ends up having the greatest Father’s Day with gifts, breakfast, and a nap.

Happy Father’s Day! What books would you add to the list?


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