5 Apps to Help Make Your Life a Little Easier


As an on-the-go mom, I have so many competing daily priorities. Sometimes the daily routines can feel a bit overwhelming. Although technology is probably to blame for much of this fast-paced world in which we live, I can still appreciate many of the recent technological advances developed that make my life easier.

Some of those developments are in the form of mobile apps. These apps can range from tracking your wake, sleep, and exercise cycles, to even finding something to make for dinner. Be selective however, there are also many apps that can make your life less productive. I prefer to be choosy and install the ones that can help me with my daily tasks. 

Here are my top five apps to help make mom life a little easier.

1. Tile: Let’s find those missing keys!

I’m so glad I had this one three years ago when my youngest son was one. With the inevitable, and yet still unexpected, morning delays that involve a baby and places to be, not being able to find your car keys when you need them, is not an option.

Regardless of the reason, whether it’s my hubby who’s moved them so they’ll be “easier for me to find,” or my child thinking they’re a toy, the Tile app allows me to find my keys whenever they aren’t where I placed them the night before. By pressing a button on my phone, the app signals my Tile key chain to emit an audible ring enabling me to find it. 

2. Mobile Wallet: For all those times you don’t have your debit card handy.

This is one of those apps you didn’t realize was so wonderful until you’re at the store and realize your wallet is at home. With a million things coursing through your brain, occasionally forgetting your debit card is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Whether you’re running to the store or even going out of town for something, this app will allow you to access your bank account in any situation. Some even find it preferable to not carry cards and keep everything on their phone. Most phones come with a Wallet app so all you have to do is pair or install your card and viola, you’re all set! I was surprised to learn while working at a bank that the Wallet app can be used at ATM’s or even gas pumps; essentially anyplace you see the contactless pay sign.

3. Supermarket Apps – Making trips to the grocery store easy!

On weekdays, I typically start thinking about what to make for dinner around lunchtime. I discovered the ability to order groceries online for pick up as far back as 2017, and it has been a Godsend.

I particularly like the Kroger app for its convenience, coupons, and ability to discount my gas at the Kroger gas station (based on my grocery purchases). I simply place my order through the app on my lunch break and then pick up my items later that day without having to get me or the kids out of the car. Having what I need to make dinner without pushing a cart through the store holding on to my curious now four-year-old, has been a blessing, especially during the pandemic.

4. Yummly – For all your dinner recipe needs!

This is the secret I keep from my husband. Just kidding! I love this app for its recipes! While I’m pretty good at impromptu cooking, I like to try new something new from time to time, and this app has been wonderful for that.

Recently, I wanted to try the Keto Diet and surprisingly, found some Keto recipes on Yummly. It can also direct you to outside sites for additional recipes rather than doing a lot of Googling to find things. I’m undecided on which is better, this app or Pinterest, but either way I’m having a lot of fun using it.

Not only does Yummly allow me to browse recipes and add ingredients to my Yummly cart, it has a “buy” feature that when selected, directly links my cart to my grocery store of choice. All I have to do is checkout in the Kroger app for pickup later. Yummly is free but it does offer a subscription for additional features. But since I’m a simple gal, I just use the free option.

5. iPhone Notes – Did you know you can scan items here?!

This app helps me feel better about the cost of my phone. I didn’t immediately jump on the bandwagon for an iPhone until a few years ago when a cell company was offering customers a “free” phone with new contracts. Now somehow, I’m hooked!

One of the features I’ve learned about my phone is the ability to scan documents into PDF using the Notes app. I found this really handy with school and other related documents. I simply open the Notes app, select the “notepad” then press the camera icon to scan my document (or multiple documents). Now I can easily save documents, and email them when necessary. This is really convenient and time-saving!

As all on-the-go moms can attest, any help can be a tremendous relief and these tools are just some of the ones I’ve used.

What apps have you found to be useful in your daily life?                   

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Tania was born in West Palm Beach, Florida but was raised by her paternal grandparents in a rural village in Nigeria. Tania and her sister returned to Florida when she was 13. She moved to Columbia in 2014 to support her sister who at the time was stationed at Ft. Jackson as a Drill Sergeant and was a new mom. She met her husband Roger who is a local pharmacist and a small business owner in 2015 and found a reason to stay in Columbia. She is mom to Darniel (14), Elton (4), and auntie to Jaylon (7). Tania has a passion for helping people understand their current financial picture so they can live better now while planning for their future. After years of working for some of the big investment firms she decided to take a leap of faith to start her own financial planning and wealth management firm; she’s the founder of TF Wealth Advisors. She loves to read. When she’s not reading the latest economic news, you can find her reading a romance novel or a memoir. Tania and her family enjoy the outdoors and mini-vacations.


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