5 Healthy Habits for the Busy Mom


Hi, I am Katie and I like to keep busy. I have the following responsibilities on a daily basis, in no particular order…

  • Work – I have a full-time, out of the home job which I spend the majority of my weekdays at.
  • Children – Three of them to be exact. Which because of the job I truck to daycare/camp/school every day and grab on my way home. And let’s not forget the weekends when my husband and I are tasked with the responsibility of keeping them occupied.
  • Husband – Not so much a responsibility in the standard sense, but definitely a relationship I have to nurture, like any marriage.
  • Small Business – Yep, I’ve got one of those too my own little side hustle.
  • Myself – Last as usual. Let me be clear, while I am on the list, going to the gym DOES NOT fall as a sub-bullet under this header.

I am sure there are a bunch more things, like paying bills, getting children to practice, to doctors’ appointments, etc. If you are a mom, parent, actively involved grandparent, I am sure you can relate. 

Since I have no intention of obtaining a gym membership, because I am the most awkward gym goer there was and I can’t say that I am going to commit to picking the gym over binge-watching Netflix after the kids have finally gone to bed. Here are my five healthy habits for the busy mom.

1. Take the Stairs

I work on the fifth floor and take the stairs at least once a day. All the way up (or down depending on my mood). For a month, I avoided the elevator at all costs and took only the stairs. If you have a choice between the two, aim for 50%. For one direction take the stairs and the other give yourself a break.

2. Drink Water

Lots of it. I have a 32 oz. Yeti which I fill two times on an average day and three on a day where I am feeling like I need to outdo myself. Picking water over any other drink is always a good healthy choice. The biggest place I’ve seen a difference is in my skin and I ain’t complaining.

3. Don’t be a Dumpster

I mean this in the most loving way. Stop picking at your kids’ leftover, half-eaten, half-chewed dinner. Grab the Tupperware and throw their stuff in the fridge for when they are inevitably hungry again in 20 minutes and make yourself a real meal.

4. Walk 

Much like the stairs, take every opportunity to get a few extra steps in. I will not deny that I have waited at the front of the grocery parking lot while the other shoppers load their car so I can get the closest spot. Recently I decided to park at least halfway back in the lot and walk. Try it. Unless it’s raining.

5. Twenty of Something

Now, this is something I got from my husband, so thanks boo. Every night before you climb into bed and each morning do 20 of something. I have been doing 20 squats. It’s not an excessive workout, it’s just right.

There you have it, five easy ways to practice somewhat healthy habits for the super busy mama. What’s on your list?

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A transplant from the frigid winters of New Hampshire, Katie and her family moved to the ‘Famously Hot’ Columbia in Fall 2015. She is married to her high school sweetheart Richard, and together they have three little humans; Maddox (5), Thatcher (3) and Chloe (10m), and a dog, Cabela. Katie spends her week days at her 9-5 in at USC School of Medicine, rushing her oldest to soccer practice, and letting the kids have cereal for dinner, cause ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’. The weekends (which she lives for), are spent at the state park, the zoo, or a magnitude of other fun places. As a fan of calligraphy, hand lettering, and DIY projects that all require hours of free time and buckets of money, you can find Katie scrolling Pinterest during late night feeding sessions, filling her boards with beautiful projects she’ll never have the time to do. Katie also enjoys spending her ‘spare’ time running her blog From North to South.


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