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Life with a newborn has made me painfully aware of how much my two year old has grown. Not just socially and emotionally, but physically too. Long gone are the days where he could be contained by pack-n-plays and play yards. Our newly potty trained little guy can now put on his own shoes, turn lights on and off, and open doors. This includes the front door, which is legit terrifying. Thankfully, there are products like The Door Guardian to help keep our curious toddler safe. 

The Door Guardian is an easy to use, easy to install safety lock. It took my husband less than 10 minutes to install it into our door frame.

I love that it isn’t a total eyesore. No big, bulky plastic pieces here. Sleek and modern, this safety lock is barely noticeable. They even offer different finish options so you can match it to your own door trim.

I had two product options to choose from, a lock for inswinging doors and one for outswinging doors. Having options meant no matter which kind of door we were installing, our Door Guardian on it was going to be the right one!

Then, you have two installation options, adhesive (great for renters) or screws (if you want something a little more permanent). We opted to install ours with screws. 

Another feature of this product that I love is that it’s easy for adults to use. I swear some childproofing products are totally adult-proof too! So I’m glad to know that visitors in our home can easily use our door while still keeping our kiddos safe. 


Once installed we had to put it to the toddler test. Y’all, he tried so hard to open the door. I almost felt bad. Almost. Knowing that I can easily lock our Door Guardian if I need to step into another room to change baby brother’s diaper or check on dinner gives me so much peace of mind.

Thank you Door Guardian for providing such an awesome product for families like mine!  

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Carey Shofner
Originally from Indiana, Carey moved to South Carolina in 2009. She and her husband, Brett, met during college at USC and now reside in Forest Acres. She is an elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom to their wonderful baby boy. After struggling with infertility for years, their son, Milo, joined their family in November of 2017 through the beautiful gift of adoption. Carey enjoys writing and crafting in her spare time and even has a small Etsy shop and personal blog, both named Simply Shofner. Coffee and cats are her love language and she's passionate about adoption, education and social justice issues. She would describe herself as your totally basic, semi-crunchy, hot mess mom who loves strolling the aisles of Target and play dates at Starbucks.


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