A Letter to My First Born


Dear Number One,

As I sit here in the first trimester with Number Two, I can’t help but think about how our lives will change. You have been the focus of my whole world, Number One. I worry what will happen when my arms are occupied, when my body is tired, and I can’t tend to you as freely. Will I still be enough for you?

You taught me so much in these past three years. You taught me to love bigger than I ever imagined. You showed me a joy so magnificent that my cheeks hurt from smiling back at you. You taught me to see life differently, through your childhood lens of curiosity and awe. Witnessing the way you stare at ants creeping along the sidewalk or gaze up at planes in the sky changed me. You opened my mind. You reminded me of the importance of play, of pausing, of stopping, and of just breathing.

As I soak in these last few months of just you and me, I feel a lot of things. When your sibling comes, things will change for sure. I will be more tired, more stretched, and more deprived of self-care. I will have more mouths to feed and less hands to use. I worry how this will affect you.

But then I think of all the good changes that will come. I will get to watch you become a big brother. You will continue to teach me things and I will continue to grow alongside you. We will continue to laugh, and play, and breathe. And although the demands will be more, the love for you will be even greater. Love always wins, my number one. When I remember that, I am no longer afraid.



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Brittany is a mom, wife, and outgoing introvert who recently moved to the Columbia area in 2022! She has lived in many different cities from the East Coast to the Midwest and is happy to now call Columbia home. Building a sense of community is one of the reasons she and her family decided to come to Columbia and why she is very excited to be a part of the Columbia Mom team. Physical and mental health is also very important to her. As a physical therapist, she has witnessed the powerful connection of the mind and body and how both need to be given the proper TLC. In her spare time, she enjoys perfecting the fine art of sleep procrastination, listening to podcasts or books on tape, doing anything active, and adding unnecessary items to her Amazon cart. Photo by: Zach and Sarah Photography


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