A Mom’s Guide to Lexington Parks


Playgrounds and parks are a staple in our routine. It gets my three boys and me out of the house and uses up their bountiful energy. There are plenty of learning experiences and it’s free! Here are the parks in Lexington that we have visited, listed in order of my favorites.

1. Corley Street Park

210 Corley St.

At Corley Street Park, there is a music section for little ones and a nice size play structure for bigger kids.

This park is my personal favorite park because there is only one play structure and it is suitable (for my kids) before the age of 2. It has two swings and a little area of musical instruments for little ones. There are two picnic shelters that are adjacent to private bathrooms. The area is enclosed by a chain-link fence. And they have a small splash pad for those hot summers. The ground surrounding the play structure is sand, which I know some parents would not appreciate; but it doesn’t bother me. There is a decent amount of shade with the array of mature trees. While some visits there are no visitors, other times there have been plenty of new friends for my boys.

This park is perfect for our family because it is big enough for the kids, with something for each of them to enjoy. It’s small enough that I can sit and see them wherever they run. This park must have been designed by a mom!

Bring the sand toys for additional fun


Bathrooms on the left, picnic shelters in the middle, and playground on the right. Everything is in close proximity, shaded and fenced in.

2. Lake Murray Community Center

1003 St Peters Church Road

This playground is literally two minutes from my house, so I have met local moms there frequently. The single play area is covered with mulch and has two slides, a rock wall, a sandbox and six swings. There is plenty of open space for kids to kick a ball around. There is one picnic table under the only shaded area and there are no bathrooms. The only time I have seen people at this playground is when people from my playgroup plan events there. This is a shame, because we would love to just have an impromptu visit; but my kids would never have anyone to play with.

Lake Murray Community Center
Lake Murray Community Center

3. Virginia Hylton Park

111 Maiden Lane (behind the Lexington Municipal Complex)

Four slides on the big kids’ side

This park is behind the police station in Lexington, which is a great asset towards safety. It has one small play structure suitable for younger children and a larger play area for the older kids. There are many swings for both babies and big kids. The ground is covered in little pebbles, which I have heard is an issue with parents (I was lucky with kids who didn’t frequently put things in their mouth so that has never been an issue). There are two picnic shelters at either end of the park, and tons of benches for parents to sit. I know the park has bathrooms, but I have never been in them or even seen them. I believe they are a little distance from the actual playground, which I find not helpful.

My biggest problem with this playground is that it is long, with one area after another. Because of this, it is very hard to keep an eye on multiple children. This wouldn’t be a big deal with older kids who understand boundaries; but my middle child, at 3, is always running from either end and then back and forth. There is also a walking trail down a small hill from the playground. I am always afraid I will miss his escape down the hill. I always leave the park feeling very stressed, and that is why at this time Virginia Hylton is NOT my favorite park. Once all my kids are bigger and can stay in one place, it will be one of my top picks.

Five baby swings and five big kid swings
Perfect for little ones learning to walk
A view of how long the park is, which makes it difficult with multiple younger kids; the shade is amazing, though.

4. Caractor Park

804 Hendrix St. (behind the Lexington Medical Center)

Small, but plenty of room to run; and the rubber covering lets crawlers get involved in the fun

This park is nice but tiny. There is a good amount of room to run, and I appreciate that the ground is covered in that rubber material so my little one can crawl around. Since there is not a lot of equipment, it doesn’t take long for the kids to get bored; but sometimes even a little time out of the house is appreciated. The park has hopscotch, a mist fountain, a rope climber and four picnic shelters. It may be tiny, but any play area that has water involved for these hot, hot, HOT Carolina summer days is worth a visit.

Any park with a water feature gets two thumbs up in my book

  5. Gibson Soccer Park

Duffie Drive and Roberts Street

This play area is located at the younger kids’ soccer fields in Lexington. This is another playground that I like because it’s close and perfect for my kids, but no one ever visits this one unless it’s soccer time. There are monkey bars, a rock wall, four slides, and four swings for lots of enjoyment. The only shade that can be found is under one of the two picnic shelter and the bathrooms are a good hike to the concession stands. There are volleyball and tennis courts, as well as a small baseball field that would be great for a kickball game! I would love to frequent this park more if other families would start going. Anyone want to start going with us?

The playground at Gibson Soccer Park has no shade and is far from the bathrooms, but it’s a good size and has unlimited space to run.


Though some of these parks may not be perfect for our family, they would be awesome for older or younger children. These are all the parks and playgrounds I know about in Lexington. I know there must be other small community playgrounds that are equally as good. Please leave a comment to let me and the readers know of the ones I have missed.


  1. Always enjoy Corely Street when the water feature is working. Nice shade and isolated but fairly safe. Virginia Hilton is lovely for the shade and the creek and the cops nearby and for the varied play sets to accommodate kids with physical issues. Really spent time there 25 years ago before it was developed and still had the old cabin. Wish Mill Pond had been able to survive with the bathhouse and sliding board where my wife tells me she and her siblings played. Need to print pics I shot of the collapsing mill and and bathhouse before the fire. Empty nest now but nephew and real young grandson to enjoy our once little town. Thanks for your info.

  2. There is a nice park on Nazareth Church Road in South Lexington. Not only do they have two play structures and close restrooms, but they also do horse shows and there is a BMX park. It is not shaded, but my children love stopping by even for 30 minutes!

  3. Thank you for such helpful information. I didn’t even realize some of these parks were in Lexington. In case there are others like me that didn’t know, Caractor Park on Hendrix St is behind Lexington Urgent Care, not Lexington Medical Center.


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