A Thank You to Our Teachers


During these uncertain and difficult times, we all have fears and concerns racing through our minds on a daily basis. How long will this quarantine last? Will my family members get sick? Are my elderly loved ones taking extra precautions to keep themselves healthy? How will I pay my bills?

For me, it has been a daily battle to keep my rising anxiety in check in order to be the strong parent I need to be for my children.

Besides keeping my family safe and healthy, my number one concern right now is my daughter’s education. She was excelling in kindergarten and just learning to read and write sentences on her own. Then all of a sudden, with very little warning, our schools closed their doors and our children’s schedules and routines were out the window. Now, parents are left wondering if our children will return at all this school year.

We all embarked on this eLearning and “Homeschool” journey many of us never saw coming. Parents all over social media are fearful, worried about their children’s future success, and questioning if they are cut out for this.

Then our superhero teachers and staff came to our rescue and reminded us all why they are such a critical part of the success of our children.

I opened my email and found words of wisdom, encouragement, and support I never knew I needed. Our schools compiled distance learning packets for students in all grade levels, along with countless enrichment activities and resources. Districts set up buses to distribute them to students who were unable to print them or pick them up. Teachers set up office hours where they would be available to answer any questions from parents and students, reminding us that we are not alone and they are here to support us.

There is so much I know we want to say to our wonderful, hardworking teachers.

Thank you for your unwavering love and support during this difficult time.

Thank you for taking time away from your own families to compile resources for us parents who are at home trying to educate our children the best we can.

Thank you for reminding us that “we got this,” and that our children are learning and growing every day even when they aren’t in their traditional classroom setting.

Thank you for being our children’s biggest cheerleader from a distance, and making sure they are using those academic skills and character traits you have instilled in them during this chaotic time.

We are reminded we have a village and that our teachers are and always will be a vital part of our lives and community even when our schools are closed.

Our children miss you dearly and can’t wait to run back into school and see your smiling faces, whenever that may be. 

What would you say to thank a teacher today?


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