All I Want for Christmas Is…


One of my favorite Christmas songs is “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. This time of year, you can catch me in my Expedition (yes, the XL version because I’m a mom now), singing at the top of my lungs pretending to hit Mariah’s notes with great passion and enthusiasm.

I was singing it in a milder manner the other afternoon and my 3-year-old daughter chimed in. Her sweet voice was precious, except that it woke up my 9-month-old son who then started screaming in his car seat. I tried calming him down by lowering the music and singing softly; it didn’t work. It was then that I realized what I really wanted for Christmas.

Peace and quiet.





A few hours to myself to have a hot cup of coffee and a cookie that I don’t have to share with anyone.

How things have changed from a few years ago when I was hoping for a new Kate Spade handbag or a new pair of stiletto pumps!

I have always loved presents and gift-giving. I love the joy of seeing someone I love open up a pretty wrapped gift and lifting out something they are excited and surprised to see. Whether it be a small token, such as cute graphic coffee mug or a wine stopper, OR something a little larger and with a higher price tag (tickets right behind the Carolina Panthers sideline for my husband’s 30th birthday), the happiness you give someone for that one moment in time is priceless.

Don’t get me wrong; I love receiving presents too! Big or small; wrapped or not, I enjoy gifts. But lately, the one thing I realize is better than material possessions is TIME.

Time spent making memories.

Time enjoying a rare activity.

Time being with those you love – or on your own.

As a mother of two little ones, my time is spent juggling between baby and toddler. While my daughter is showing signs of self-sufficiency, the second she sees the baby “need” mommy, a meltdown occurs.

“Mommy, hold you!!!” the toddler whines (multiple times).

I don’t remember what a few moments of alone time feels like anymore. I know I am not alone (no pun intended). As parents, we spend our days giving ourselves to our tiny people to ensure they grow up to be better big people. And all that giving of ourselves makes it difficult to remember we occasionally need to be a bit selfish to keep going. So, this Christmas instead of shoes, handbags, clothes, or make-up; I want a Mommy’s Day OFF.

I want to wake up at a reasonable hour, preferably after the sun has actually risen.

I want to have my coffee piping hot and watch the Today Show instead of Peppa Pig.

I want to shower at my leisure and put on my make up without ensuring my crawling babe isn’t eating the power cord to the hair dryer.

I want to put on a cute outfit without having to worry about it if it is “nursing-friendly” or if the color will camouflage baby puke.

I want to carry a purse that will only hold lipstick, my credit cards and my ID, and my phone.

I will drive to Target and spend two hours walking around, slowly looking at all the clearance racks.

I will leave there and get a pedicure and have lunch without having to share or clean up a war zone of puffs.

I will go home to a magically spotless house where all the laundry is folded and put away.

I will cook a nice meal, complete with Michael Buble in the background and a bottle of yummy red wine open. And when the kids and hubby come in, I will feel human again and be willing and ready to go back to “Mommy-mode.”

For Christmas this year, all I want is to have a few hours of me time. It’s not too much to ask, right? And it’s a heck of lot more affordable than that new pair of stilettos.

What about you? What do you want for Christmas?


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