Alexandra Lundahl

Alexandra Lundahl was a newspaper journalist and editor for eight years before going back to school for nursing. After the birth of her first child in September 2015, she traded her textbooks for full-time mommyhood, at least for a few years. A true northern girl, she moved to Florida for her first reporter job after graduating from college in Minnesota. There she met her husband, Nick, and they were married in an underwater hotel in the Florida Keys and then remarried in 2014 after “life happened” then brought them back together. Now Alexandra is wading through first-time motherhood while figuring out how to wrestle the tween/teen years and be the best stepmom possible to her stepdaughter. Motherhood is by far the most wonderful and rewarding thing she has ever done, and she loves watching the daily changes in her daughter as she learns about this big world she lives in. Alexandra moved from Florida to West Columbia at the end of 2014 and enjoys how her mommy groups and new friends are finally helping her learn her way around the greater Columbia area. She loves babywearing, La Leche League meetings, nature walks, camping, creative and artistic projects, and general geekiness, such as board games and painting & playing miniatures games with her husband.
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13 Tips for Selling and Staging a House with a Toddler

Toddlers are tiny tornadoes of destruction. They can tear apart a tidy room in about five minutes. Certainly NOT what you’d call conducive to keeping an immaculate house. Heck, I am not conducive to...
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Celebrate International Babywearing Week with Fun, Local Events & More!

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A Letter to One-Year-Ago Me

Dear one-year-ago me, I remember the pain of that last month of pregnancy. Your pelvis aches every moment of the day – the only difference is whether it’s merely uncomfortable or outright painful. You can...

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In college, long road trips meant excitement, spontaneity, plenty of junk food, cramming as many friends as can fit in the car, and lots of music (whether it be putting your iPod on shuffle...

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Let’s face it – much of mommyhood is far from glamorous. Since giving birth, a single room of my house may resemble “kind of clean, maybe, if you don’t have particularly high standards,” but...