Ayana Nell

Ayana is a stay-at-home mom to Leopold (2) and will add a baby girl to the mix this September. Born in Arizona but raised in Columbia, Ayana has had plenty of time to adjust to the heat and humidity, but can still be heard complaining about it all summer long. She has always taken an interest in all things baby and toddler, so all bets are off now that she has children of her own. Some of her interests include pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum (being a doula is on her to-do list) as well as baby clothes and gear. This passion mixed with having a tiny test subject led Ayana to start her own mommy blog, Little Prince Leopold. It is there and on her Instagram that she spends her free time talking about the latest and greatest in the kid world, as well as giving her opinions, advice, and firsthand experience on all things baby related. Ayana also loves reading (although she never makes time for it anymore), travel, Harry Potter, musicals, and watching Netflix in the evenings with her husband James and their dogs, Niko and Rahksi.

Interested in Baby Led Weaning? Start Here!

I LOVE Baby Led Weaning. While there is nothing wrong with traditional weaning, it just wasn't for us. I never liked spoon feeding babies, and I am really not interested in buying jars of...

Mom Resolutions for the New Year

Who is ready for a new year?! Like many people, I'm going to use the new year as a fresh start! Some of these are 100% serious, and some are on the silly side...
Simple Holiday Crafts for Toddlers | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Simple Holiday Crafts for Toddlers

I don't know about you, but the holidays get me feeling extra crafty! Whether I'm making crafts for loved ones' holiday gifts, or just filling up those long winter days, I'm always looking for...
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Quinn’s Cookies Lactation Cookie Review (+ Special Offer!)

I received an order of Quinn's Cookies as I started my second breastfeeding journey. They arrived just in time, a couple of days after I had my baby girl! I'm always skeptical about lactation cookies...
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An Insider’s Guide to Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens

One of my absolute favorite things to do is visit Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens. My mom and dad have been taking me to this zoo every since I can remember. I've seen the zoo go...

Honoring Our Lost Loved Ones on Grandparents Day

It's "Grandparents Day" and there are so many different ways people celebrate! Some families are lucky enough to have all the grandparents nearby and have great relationships with them (I envy you). Others might be...
Pregnancy vs. Pregnancy With a Toddler | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Pregnancy vs. Pregnancy With a Toddler

This is my second (and very likely my last) time being pregnant. I've got my boy and I'm getting my girl, so I probably won't fight my husband on his insistence that this is...

We Will Overcome :: The Toddler Tantrum Years

My son is two and a half years old, and has been pretty consistently angelic for the majority of his life. Lately, he's showing me the other side of his personality. The deep sea...