Brandi Cade

Brandi Cade is a Christian, wife, mom, and Instructional Facilitator at a local elementary school. She is the youth coordinator and also teaches Sunday School for K-5th graders at her church. She married Mark in July 2004. Together they have 3 children: Bradley (10), Tori (8), and Aubrey (4). Bradley and Tori have taught her about parenting children with multiple medical needs. Fortunately their youngest is simply full of life and keeps Brandi and Mark on their toes that way. Brandi holds a BA in Early Childhood, an MA in Curriculum & Instruction, and two Certificates of Advanced Graduate Studies in Doctoral work in Instructional Leadership and Educational Leadership. As an Instructional Facilitator she works with teachers as well as students on best practices for learning in the classroom. Brandi loves the beach, music, reading, writing, blogging, sewing, and her new found interest: Bible journaling. Her newfound interest lead her to create the group Scripture Sketchers for local Bible Journaling fans. She hopes to turn this into a business within the next year or two. She is also a Beachbody Coach and works as an Independent Damsel Pro for Damsel in Defense.
Life With a Feeding Tube :: An 11-Year-Old's Story | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Life With a Feeding Tube :: An 11-Year-Old’s Story

Not everyone gets to eat food in what most of us would consider the normal way. Some people eat through a feeding tube ... young and old. To bring awareness to feeding tubes and...

Finding Us :: Dating My Husband

A new month. A new year. A time for reflecting and goal setting. I've never really been one to make New Year's resolutions, but this year I do have some things I really want to...

The REAL Reasons You Should Pre-Order Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year again … Girl Scout Cookies! And guess what! This year marks 100 years in the cookie business! To celebrate, they're introducing a new cookie, S'Mores, and let me tell you it's...
The Waiting Room - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Waiting Room

Dear mom in the waiting room, I see you sitting there. I see the nervous way you fold and unfold your hands. The way you keep glancing at the time. You brought a bag of...

Grandparents :: A Treasure to Hold

Standing in the kitchen, snapping beans ... I think of you. Cutting dough, puffs of flour, rising in a cloud ... I think of you. Cornbread crumbled in a tall glass of milk ... I think...

Tax Free Weekend…You Can’t Pay Me to Shop Then

The 17th annual Sales Tax Holiday weekend is August 5-7, 2017. According to the SC Department of Revenue (SCDOR), South Carolinians are expected to save around $2.25 million dollars as they shop for things...

Christmas in July?! Why Stocking the Aisles Now is a Good Thing

I've heard and read comments in years past starting about this time of year about Christmas. Comments like, "Can you believe _________ already has Christmas stuff out to sell?" "Can't we get through the...

$1 Movies, Rewards for Reading, and Free Bowling … Summer Success

Squeezing in some fun time in the summer can sometimes be challenging....schedules, cost, different interests, and so much more. For my family we've narrowed it down to three must-haves that are little to no cost...

10 Personal Safety Tips Everyone Needs to Know

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and there are ways you can work to make yourself and your family a little safer. Sexual assault (or any kind of assault) can happen to anyone regardless of...

Never Say Never :: A Weight Loss Journey I Never Intended to Start

All my life I've been self conscious about my weight. Not that I've ever been obese, but, like several girls I've known, I saw myself as fat off and on throughout my adolescent years....

What They Don’t Tell You About Feeding Tubes

February 7-13, 2016 is Feeding Tube Awareness Week. There are many reasons a person may be on a feeding tube and for anyone involved with them, there is a lot that has to be...

5 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Order Girl Scout Cookies

It's that time of year again ... Girl Scout Cookies! Before the girls start working cookie booths at your favorite locations in mid-February, they get a jump start on sales via pre-orders during the month...

Don’t Stop Believing :: Trying to Hold on to Santa One More Year

Although he's almost 10, I sat in the bathroom as my son showered so I could make sure to apply all his topical medications for his eczema. Through the years I've learned a lot...

The Sun’s Out … Now What? After the Floods

Columbia and much of South Carolina recently found itself in the midst of a natural disaster. Areas that never flooded before were under water. Roads and bridges were failing and the rain kept coming....