Brittany Arcand

Brittany Arcand is a food writer, recipe developer, and amateur photographer. Originally from Minnesota, she recently moved south and now resides in the Midlands of South Carolina. After marrying a handsome sailor, graduating with a degree in Family and Consumer Education and a minor in American Literature, she committed to staying home to be with her three children: Evelyn (8) Eli (6) and Lane (3). Her love of the written word, coupled with experience in various commercial and private kitchens has fueled a passion for sensible recipes that actually work. Her food blog Brittany’s Pantry was born, combining dishes and menus with the (often humorous) stories of how they came to be. When she isn’t writing and spending time in her kitchen, she is reading every book she can get her hands on with a giant mug of hot chocolate beside her.

Mommy Fashion :: A Photo Story

Dressing our kids is easy. Well, the task is not necessarily easy, but the clothing out there for our energetic munchkins is cute, functional, and the options are endless. So why does it always seem so hard...
Fresh Date Ideas In And Around Columbia - CSCMB

Fresh Date Ideas In And Around Columbia

Dating can be crazy. Who knew it would get harder after marriage?! Don't misunderstand. I love my husband immensely and would rather spend time with him than anyone else on earth, besides my children. So...
Family Adventures - Columbia Fireflies Game - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Family Adventures In Columbia :: A Fireflies Game!

Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with the Columbia Fireflies to bring our readers the following post. All opinions are entirely our own. Having only moved to the Columbia two years ago, in many ways, we...
The Best School Lunch Gear and Lunch Boxes - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The BEST School Lunch Gear

Like most parents in mid-August, I begin the school year with the best of intentions. I lay out carefully selected matching outfits the night before the school day and the backpacks have been double checked...

Easy No-Churn Ice Cream

In the South Carolina Midlands, my family and I are looking for any and all ways to beat the heat. This super easy recipe for homemade ice cream is just what we need to...

Strawberry Milk :: For Kids & The Kid In All Of Us

Strawberry season is in full swing and we are taking full advantage of it at our house! Farm fresh strawberries - or better yet, picked yourself! - are one of the glorious perks of springtime....

Vegetable Enchiladas for Cinco de Mayo

This week, my kids are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a fiesta that lasts all week long. To add to the excitement, I am making these ridiculously easy Veggie Enchiladas for dinner tonight. Ole! In...

Facts for Earth Day That Will WOW Your Kids

Earth Day is celebrated world wide and is always accompanied by easy ways to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. We are reminded to reduce, reuse, and recycle, learn ways to start composting, and...

Favorite Health & Beauty Products :: From One Momma To Another

As a woman in my late thirties, I feel as though I should have a long, drawn out beauty routine every morning and evening. After all, my 40's are looming and taking care of...

Cooking With Kids: Crunchy Chocolate Clusters

Chocolate has been a topic of conversation lately. With Valentines Day right around the corner, my kids have been asking what they can make for each other and cards of pink and red with candy...

The Ultimate Toddler Lunch Round-Up

When sitting around with other mothers, regardless of age and experience, a common complaint is how exhausting it is to constantly feed our families. Three meals a day, plus snacks, multiplied by the number...

Chocolate Dipped Dried Fruit {National Apricot Day}

Its crazy, I know. A national day dedicated to apricots? Weird. And yet, I find myself getting behind it more than, say, National Marzipan Day (Jan 12) or National Twilight Zone Day (May 12). Regardless...

Ultimate Cookbook Guide For Families

I confess. I am a practical gift giver. Nine times out of ten, I will tuck something useful and needed under the tree. Books are my favorite things to give to kids and adults alike,...

Roasted Fall Vegetable Medley – 2 Ways!

Its FALL Y'ALL! Do you know what that means? Fresh produce! If the above statement has you a bit confused, you are not alone. Often there is the misconception that spring and summer is the...