Caitlyn Viviano

Caitlyn is a Florida native, but now home is wherever the Air Force sends them. She resides in NE Columbia with her husband Josh, daughter Chloe, and sons Daniel and Levi. They also have a spoiled yellow lab named Zoe. Caitlyn holds a B.A. in Rehabilitation Services/Psychology and a Masters in School Counseling with an urban focus. Before kids she loved her work as a school counselor in Title 1 elementary schools. Now as a stay at home mom Caitlyn enjoys spreading autism awareness through writing, baking, and chasing after three kids while drinking large amounts of coffee.

The Joy a Middle Child Brings

Sometimes it’s hard to be sandwiched in between two siblings who both require a significant amount of time and attention in completely different ways. During a normal school year, the oldest needs to be out...

Siblings in Quarantine

We can all agree there is a lot of stress, emotions, and frustrations surrounding this COVID-19 virus and quarantine. The loss of jobs, distance learning, working from home while trying to parent small children; it...

A Thank You to Our Teachers

During these uncertain and difficult times, we all have fears and concerns racing through our minds on a daily basis. How long will this quarantine last? Will my family members get sick? Are my...

Our Cranial Helmet Journey

When my third child, Levi, was born, I pretty much knew what to expect during the newborn stage. I was no rookie at this point and was all too familiar with engorgement, sleepless nights,...

Maybe This Will Be The Year I Finally Get Organized!

December was a whirlwind of chaos and busyness unlike any other month of the year. Now that the magic of the holidays is over and the dust is beginning to settle, I am left...

How You Can Support a Special Needs Family This Holiday Season

The holidays are said to be the most joyous time of the year. Unfortunately for some special needs families, they can be the most stressful and frustrating time as well. Many children with special needs...

Teaching Kindness :: How It Makes a Difference

My daughter Chloe has attended school full-time since she was three years old. From day one she has been in a classroom setting with children of all abilities. This year she started kindergarten. During her...

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