Channing Anderson

Teaching permeates Channing Anderson’s life. Teaching English locally for 6 years, she became a registered yoga teacher in 2013, and specializes in prenatal yoga. In 2014, she took the leap, making mommyhood and yoga her full-time focus. Channing is the studio manager and a teacher at Pink Lotus Yoga Center, and works with clients privately through her company NamaMamaste. In 2007, she met Tim. Married two years later, the couple welcomed their first child, Hadley, in 2012, and their newest, Atticus, in 2015. Tim teaches part-time at Chapin High School, and Channing helps manage his test prep business Attest. In her spare time, Channing practices yoga, paints, and reads everything.
10 Things That Should NOT Exist {Toddler Edition} | Columbia SC Moms Blog

10 Things That Should NOT Exist {Toddler Edition}

My first born, by a stroke of luck, wasn’t very toddler-y. Don’t get me wrong, she had her own host of issues, but shoving things in her mouth wasn’t one of them. If I...

What Teachers Really Want for the New School Year

Like many parents, you may be wondering what to give your child’s new teacher. No worries, as a former teacher, I got you covered. If you want the perfect gift, the one that will...

Non-Violent Mama :: Taking Care of Your Self

Childrearing has come a long way. The fear-based punishment of past has turned into teaching discipline and respect. But this is not about punishment or discipline. You know her, maybe you are her ... the once vibrant,...

Hip Mama’s Day Gifts :: All Local Edition

Mother's Day is a truly beautiful manufactured holiday. It's a day that celebrates mommyhood in all it's poop-covered glory. Us mamas love the handcrafted gifts from the kiddos, and while our happiness should never be attached...

How My Kids Ruined My Netflix {and My Chill}

I have been with Netflix since the beginning. I remember the thrill of the red envelope and the disappointment when a disc arrived scratched. I logged hours, perhaps days, of time rating movies and fine...

Road Trip Packing :: Lessons in Space

Traveling from South Carolina to Texas with an 8-month-old and a 3-year-old is daunting enough, but when you’re a Prius driver, things get trickier. I made the upgrade to the Prius V last year, but compared to popular...