Charlita Bowman

"Write it Out to Get It Out!" is this vibrant young woman' s motto. Charlita Bowman is a 31 year old woman who resides in the northeast. Living life with her high school sweetheart and husband, Jacob, and their 4 wonderful children, Te'Asia (13), Israel (8)  Landen (4) and Khloe (6 months) has been amazing (although chaotic at times). Charlita currently works with SCDHHS, and holds an AA in Medical Assisting. Reading, spending time with family, writing, music, God and nature are just some of the things that bring her joy. You can find her actively involved as a minister at her church, volunteering as a sexual trauma advocate and using her creative platform , Litaspeaks to blog, write poetry and offer creative services. Charlita has newly launched her Litaspeaks T-shirt line " Lita-Ology!" and will be debuting her first book later this year! Above all else, Charlita cherishes her role of being a mom and a wife!

Coping vs. Suppressing

As I dive back into continuing my healing journey, I’ve learned so much about myself. I hadn’t undergone therapy since escaping the foster care system. I realized that the child who went through therapy...

The Effects of an “Empty Chair”

What is the one thing you want from those who say that they love you? My answer to that question would have to be SUPPORT! My daughter is on a High Competing Step Team which consists...

What Do You Do When Your Mouth Has Been Trained to Deny What Your...

When you are asked ''How are you doing?" what is your response? Do you smile and give the typical, "I'm good" even though things may not really be alright? Or do you actually open up...
Happy Woman

How to Erase the Lines

Times of frustration or disappointment often cause us to get out the big black marker and set limits as a way of self-preservation. This has allowed us to live our lives with lines! Lines...
Enter Their World :: It’s a Relationship Booster | Columbia Mom

Enter Their World :: It’s a Relationship Booster

One of the most feared responsibilities in a parent’s life is being able to create a open bond with their children. When I had my first child, my thoughts were consumed with how I...