Christian Jackson

Faithful follower of Christ. Terrific therapist. Fun friend. Beautiful businesswoman. Motivated mother. Wonderful wife … Christian is lots of things to many people, but her most important jobs are being a wife to her awesome husband and mother to her even more awesome boys, Karter (6) and Omari (3 months). Professionally, Christian is a mental health therapist, primarily working with survivors of sexual assault and also those who struggle with substance use addictions. Christian volunteers her time within various community settings, offering consultation regarding best practices in nonprofit operations and programs, presenting on different topics, facilitating groups, and more! She is also a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., where she is able to offer more time to support her community. She took a recent leap of faith by starting her own business: Revised by Ray, a proofreading and copy editing firm that assists with helping her clients perfect pretty much anything on paper. You can follow her on her website Revised By Ray and on Instagram to check out how she involves her children in her new business on the literacy front! How does she do it all? It’s a question she gets a lot. Christian gives credit to God and her amazing support system. The experiences and testimonies Christian has makes for amusing anecdotes and meaningful insight. She’s your homegirl’s homegirl from around the way with an appreciation for people from all walks of life!
Practicing What I Preach... | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Practicing What I Preach…

I have an awesome gift, perhaps it’s a talent, of motivating others. It’s partly why I am a therapist. I think it’s one of the reasons I am a good mother. The season my...
How to Advocate For Yourself in the Workplace - Columbia SC Moms Blog

How to Advocate for Yourself in the Workplace

I just returned from the National Conference on Alcohol and Addiction. It was amazing! One of the many takeaways was a reminder of the importance of making sure I am taking care of my...
How to Break the News about Santa - Columbia SC Moms Blog

How to Break the News about Santa

I’m a planner. I like to make sure certain things are in place; it helps ease any anxiety I have sometimes. That way, I know I have control...ish. Parenthood obviously threw that off. There...
It DOES Matter if You’re Black or White | Columbia SC Moms Blog

It DOES Matter if You’re Black or White

The kids didn’t have their veggies last night ... bad mom. I forgot to fold the laundry ... what kind of wife am I? I made a promise to love and cherish my husband,...
Traveling Together :: Tips for Planning Your Best Vacation Yet! | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Traveling Together :: Tips for Planning Your Best Vacation Yet!

I had a vision, growing up. I would finish high school, college, then find the man of my dreams. He would propose, we would have our wedding and enjoy our friends and family. I...
Saying Goodbye to a Job You Love :: Is It Right For You? | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Saying Goodbye to a Job You Love :: Is It Right For You?

Yesterday was my last day as a full-time employee at the most impactful job I worked thus far. The mission is something I believe in. I grew as a therapist and advocate for people...
How to be a Good Girlfriend and a Wife | Columbia SC Moms Blog

How to be a Good Girlfriend and a Wife

You’re burned out. The kids called your name about 3 trillion times in the last four days. Your husband, as sweet as he is, continues to load the dishwasher haphazardly wasting resources. The job...
Why I Dread "The Talk ... About Slavery" | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Why I Dread “The Talk … About Slavery”

I hesitated to write this entry because it’s a truly vulnerable piece. Please bare with me. The truth is, as a person who tries to think of mostly positive things, it’s difficult to “go...
Ask Me First! | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Ask Me First!

It’s come to my attention that not every parent raises their kids the way I do. This isn’t a bad thing. After all, the diversity in opinions, the uniqueness of ideas, the variety of...

New Year, New… Nevermind

2018 is here! It’s time to reflect, release, and reject bad habits. Look out, summer, I’m getting my body ready to lay on the beach! Here’s to that new savings plan that’s all the...

What You Need to Know Before Planning a Play Date

The time has come. My oldest son is growing quickly and has many friends. Friends who are loud, messy, talkative, and destructive boys. To these first graders, 30 minutes at recess isn’t enough time...

4 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Do Chores

Cleaning the bathroom was, and probably still is, the least favorite of my least favorite things to do: chores. I remember wanting so badly to grow up because I was tired of being treated...

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Searching for Your Family’s New Home

I’ve been losing sleep. The level of irritability is unreal. My anxiety is high. What is going on with me, you ask? Perhaps you guessed it: we’re buying a home. I should be so...

How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex at Any Age

“Mommy, where do babies come from?” I knew it. My 6-year-old son’s inquiring mind finally brought him to the age old question as he watched my belly grow with his brother. In the moment,...