Dani Campbell

Hi, I’m Dani! I’m an engineer turned clinical research scientist. My husband and I met through our mutual love of all things nerdy. We married in 2017 and recently started growing our family. Our first child was born three days into the start of the new decade. Just as we were ready to start bringing her out into the world, the pandemic hit. Finding communities online has been the perfect way for me to feel less alone in new motherhood and the wonderful, emotional, exhausting, and sometimes terrifying experiences that come with it. Columbia Mom =was one of these communities. In April 2021, I joined as a contributor. I will use my background in engineering and science to provide unique activities that I hope you and your children will love. I believe in honestly sharing the “good, bad, funny, frustrating, beautiful, and messy” parts of our new parenthood journey, so in this little corner of the internet, you might relate to something and feel connected and empowered.

Pacifier Weaning with The Paci Fairy

Ditching the paci can be extremely challenging, and even a source of dread for the months leading up to it. There are hundreds of ideas being pushed by pediatricians, dentists, parents, psychologists, and other...

Asking for Help When Asking Is Hard

Asking for help can be difficult for any number of reasons. Maybe you’re a people pleaser. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll owe someone a debt. Maybe you’ll think admitting you need help means you are...

6 Tips to Help You Find the Right Therapist

With all that has occurred in the past year and a half with COVID, many people are struggling with mental health issues. And, understandably so. Life throws us so many curveballs already, that adding...

Health Anxiety in a Season of Sickness

In this era, we can’t go a week without hearing about COVID, and those of us parents with younger kids can’t seem to go that long without malady getting into our home. In this...

Super Simple Ice Cream Science (Plus a Homemade Ice Cream Recipe!)

Think back to the best ice cream you’ve ever had. Whether in a frozen tub, from a shop, or at a party. What made it so special? Was it the creaminess, the softness, the...

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen for Your Family

Summer is here, and there is a particular summer smell that always takes me back to my childhood. The scent recalls vividly an early summer morning... My sister and I were in the driveway wearing...

Grab Your Telescope! Must-See Summer Space Events & Activities in the Sky

With new SpaceX launches and an exciting live-streamed landing of Perseverance on Mars, 2021 has renewed an interest in space among adults. How can we spread this fascination and enthusiasm to our children this...