Elizabeth Houser Broome

Elizabeth is a forty something working, in and out of home, mom, of two littles named Vera (8) and Warren (6). She grew up traveling the world with her military family and has been referred to as the most extroverted introvert in the world. She worked in the denim textile industry for years and was called "Norma Rae," and a "Girl Linthead," by her textile family. She relocated to Columbia in 2000 and has been employed by an Electrical Wholesaler in various positions (Accounting, Customer Service, Sales), becoming a "Jill of all Trades," ever since. Eight years ago, she became a mom for the first time and again a year later. She often says becoming a mother is one of her greatest accomplishments and that her children are magic people who bring enthusiasm and joy and the everyday mom struggles into her life each day. While unpublished, Elizabeth is an aspiring author of children's picture books, a bringer of light, sage blessing and smudger, daydreamer, and magic maker of Happy Boxes of Smiles.

Celebrating National Parents’ Day

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The Club I Didn’t Want to Join

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Potty Training Stress Relief

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Good Things are Afoot

The pandemic brought complicated and personal struggles. Some lost work. Others were without housing or food. Some even lost family and friends. Some dealt with mental and physical challenges, and what seemed like an...