Gaye Christmus

Gaye has been married to Dan for 30 years and is mom to Ben, a USC grad, and Sam, a USC student. She’s the technical writer and editor for the Department of Exercise Science at USC. She’s also a freelance writer, Huffington Post blogger, and founder of CalmHealthySexy, a website that helps women create healthy lives and healthy marriages. She believes that small steps can lead to big changes, and that women armed with knowledge and a plan can transform their hurried, hectic lives into calmer, healthier and sexier lives.

This Week, Set Yourself Up for a Calmer, Healthier Year in 2017

At the beginning of a new year, many of the things we strive for as moms, including good health, abundant energy, and peace of mind, seem like they might actually be possible. We feel...
5 Steps to a Calmer, Saner Holiday Season this Year - Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Steps to a Calmer, Saner Holiday Season this Year

The holiday season creates a paradox for moms. It includes some of our favorite and most beloved holidays, and many families consider it to be one of the most joyous times of the year....
Don't Let Politicians and the Media Tell You Otherwise - Columbia SC Moms Blog

You are Beautiful – And Don’t Let Politicians and the Media Tell You Otherwise

Most moms struggle to feel confident and beautiful. Oh, they may catch a glimpse of those feelings every now and then. But they spend a lot of time feeling inadequate and unattractive - as...

What to Do If Your Child Doesn’t Learn to Read in Kindergarten

Our son Sam didn't learn to read in kindergarten, even though he was one of the oldest children in his class. He did learn to read in first grade, but not particularly well and...
3 Ways to Create a Calmer, Saner School Year - Columbia SC

3 Ways to Create a Calmer, Saner School Year

When it comes to stress and peace of mind, sending your children back to school can make your life easier and also make it harder. On one hand, school provides the structure and schedule...

5 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Most moms excel at taking care of other people, but struggle when it comes to taking care of themselves. Because of their busy schedules and the number of balls they always seem to be...

No Recipe Required :: 5 Quick and Healthy Dinners for Your Busiest Days

Does this sound familiar? You’ve decided to improve your family’s diet, and have committed to cooking healthy dinners at home most days of the week. You’ve planned, you’ve shopped – maybe you’ve even prepped...

5 Ways to Feel Sexier this Summer

If you’re a busy wife and mom, I’m going to guess that “feeling sexy” doesn’t show up very often on your radar screen. As a matter of fact, as I sit here wearing my...

Making Time for Exercise {When You Don’t Have Time}

Spring is finally here (thank goodness!), and that means no more winter excuses for no exercise. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and it truly is the perfect time of year to...
Choices you won't regret when your children are grown

4 Choices You Won’t Regret When Your Children are Grown 

Do you ever wonder what life will look like when your children are grown and out on their own? If your life currently revolves around diapers and play dates, I’m guessing the answer is...