Jacquelyn McHugh

Jacquelyn, a native Floridian, recently moved to the Columbia area with her husband, Lance, and 11 month old son, Ashton. Jacquelyn began her healthcare career in Sports Medicine, where coaching became her passion. She is co-founder of Ygeia Wellness, a Wellness Coaching and Nutrition Consulting group focused on women. Work-at-home motherhood has proved to be one of the most fun (and trying!) experiences for her. Jacquelyn believes balance is the key to success, and enables women to engage in a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. “Your Health. Your Way. Your Time.” Those are the words that have become Jacquelyn’s mantra, and appropriately, her business motto. Jacquelyn loves cooking, eating and teaching about food and has become an advocate for holistic and natural prenatal and postpartum nutrition and care. Jacquelyn and Lance spend their free time exploring Columbia, visiting parks and local eateries, farmer markets and learning all they can about the area. When home, Jacquelyn enjoys making Ashton’s baby food-assuring it is wholesome and nutritious, reading crunchy mama blogs, or just spending time playing with her very active son. When she gets “alone” time, Jacquelyn enjoys yoga, dancing, running, watching Florida State Football, and planning adventures to learn all about South Carolina!

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