Jenn Harmon

Jenn is a coffee loving, food eating, wine drinking mom on the run. She is always full of energy and no one, including her own family, knows where she gets it from. She loves the challenge of being a working mom and raising a family while still seeking out the time for a good home cooked meal. She has a plant based food blog Peppers and Peaches where readers can find her recipes and writings on living a life with healthy, tasty food. However, these days, most of Jenn’s time is spent with her sweet baby boy, Jackson Thomas Harmon, forevermore to be referred to as “Jax”. He may look exactly like dad, but he has mom’s spunk and energy.

8 Ways to Support Local Businesses While Quarantined

Whoa, what a crazy week. I mean, AM I RIGHT?! If you are like me then you are still trying to wrap your head around everything that has been going on as well as...

A PSA for the Exasperated Parent

I know you really don’t know me or my personality very well, but I am the type of person who is generally very positive; even annoyingly so. I may get down in the dumps...

10 Tips and Tricks For Battling Sickness In The Home

You know that fear when you feel your throat getting sore or an itching sensation on the roof of your mouth? Or maybe your lips get dry, or your body becomes achy? We all...

Have Your Cake and Run With It Too :: Holiday Fun Runs & Races...

Alright guys, shows of hands - who eats their body weight in food more than once in the two months leading up to the new year?? *raises both hands* Or perhaps you are one of those...

A Fall Treat (no tricks), Ginger Apple Cider Mimosas

I had every intention of sharing an awesome Halloween cake that bled raspberry filling today. Unfortunately, I created my own episode of a Nailed It and uh...”nailed it.” This cake was so ugly it...

Premade Smoothies for a Smoother Morning

As a first time mother of a 9 month old, it goes without saying that my mornings before work aren't as... let's go with 'smooth"... as they used to be. Allow me to elaborate: Pre-mom...

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