Jocelyn Tran

Adding twists and turns to the rollercoaster that is life, Jocelyn is a wife who recently became a new mother to a now six-month-old baby boy. Not long ago, she earned her Master's Degree in Library and Information Science and worked full-time as a children's librarian. Now, she is transitioning to stay-at-home life where she's excited to see what happens next on her journey through motherhood and in life. Although she is no longer working as a librarian, you can trust that she still has a few favorite books to recommend! Jocelyn has also volunteered with Girls Rock Columbia as both a workshop leader and briefly as a board member, and she is also a twice-published author in the library world, in addition to recently being featured on the cover of Library Journal with some of her former colleagues for their work promoting racial equity. Jocelyn loves photography, horror movies (honestly, the scarier, the better!), spicy food (the spicier, the better!), barre classes, spa days, and cuddling with her baby.

Building Friendships as a New Mother

I remember the morning that I took the first (of three!!) pregnancy tests. I was groggy and still half-asleep and honestly didn't think it would be positive. But something kept telling me to take...