Kate Rhea

Kate Rhea
Kate is a self proclaimed news geek who has worked in radio, on the air and behind the scenes, for the last 17 years. She and her husband moved to Columbia in 2011 with the intent of staying just five years...but they never ended up leaving. Originally from upstate NY, Kate has also lived in Chattanooga and Los Angeles. (Notice the theme? She moved away from the snow and never wants to deal with again.) Kate stays home with her three children and homeschools the oldest two. Her work from home gig includes editing audio for a radio program that airs worldwide. She is active in her church, is passionate about orphan care and will never turn down chocolate. When stressed, you can find her baking or crafting while singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack.

What I’m Listening to :: 4 Podcasts I Love

I am late to jump on the podcast bandwagon. You should know, that's typical for me. If something is popular, I tend to steer clear of it until it's not so cool anymore.   Podcasts took...

Summer Days Survival Guide

"The days are long but the years are short." A friend wrote that phrase in a note to me shortly after I had my first baby. It was an excellent way to encourage me while...

How to Create a Gift Stash

My mom is a no-nonsense, practical, and frugal woman. Growing up, she always had shelves in a storage space that contained all kinds of presents. Whenever birthday party invites arrived or some sort of...

A Diverse Personal Library Speaks Volumes

  We've seen the news. Our hearts are heavy. We grieve with our neighbors, friends and family. We're feeling sad and overwhelmed. We don't even know where to go from here. It's easy to feel helpless. Especially as...

The New Normal

This. The new normal. Will it ever be normal? It's anything but normal. I hope it's not here to stay, this new normal. I don a mask and armed with my grocery list, I march into Publix. I double...

Throw out Your Laundry Basket

At the start of 2020, I did something a bit unconventional. (But let's be real: convention was not working for me.) I got rid of my laundry baskets. Yes. I got rid of my laundry...

Lessons Learned From Having a Work From Home Spouse

When my husband and I were first married more than a decade ago, we lived near Los Angeles. He was in school full-time and I worked from home. Our home was an apartment not much...

Easy Ideas for Filling up an Easter Basket :: COVID-19 Edition

I love to buy people presents. Giving gifts is my favorite. Knowing a celebratory occasion is coming up, I like to pick up a few things as I'm casually strolling the aisles of Target. You...

Dear Foster Mama

You fill out the paperwork. There's so. much. paperwork. You've gone above and beyond childproofing your house. I mean, the knives are so far up even you need a step stool to reach them. There...

5 Ways to Find Your Community

Our family is currently in the midst of a big transition. Like big with a capital B. Essentially overnight, we became a family of six when my husband and I became guardians of a teenager....

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