Kathy Ferguson

Wildly in love with her perfectly imperfect life, Kathy’s been married to her most favorite person in the world, “The Professor,” for 14 years. They moved to Columbia from Atlanta seven years ago and are enjoying raising their two girls, Gracie (12½) and Tate (10) here. After undergrad and her MBA, Kathy worked in Corporate America for 10 years before retiring to work full-time for the girls. Most recently, she was a grant writer at a college here in town, but had to leave that job when her family moved to New Zealand for six months for The Professor’s sabbatical. She started her blog, kathygoeskiwi.com, to document that amazing adventure, but now she’s home and trying to figure out what to do with her life. Again. Probably the loudest and most foul-mouthed introvert you’ll ever meet, she can usually be found curled up with a trashy romance novel, on the tennis court, at her awesome gym, or drinking wine with people she loves.

Always Check Your Sources

When one of my girls was in 6th grade, there was a new teacher at her school. She was young and cool and sarcastic, and very different from the teacher she’d replaced. Some of...

I Am Not OK

I am not OK. I feel like I am completely and utterly unraveling. And it turns out that’s perfectly normal in these “unprecedented times.”  How are you? It feels rougher right now, doesn’t it? We are not alone. My...
apathetic mom

Lockdown Apathy

So the other morning, my younger daughter had approximately a half-gallon of lemonade for breakfast. And I didn’t really care that much. And another morning before that, my older daughter made and ate some cupcakes for...

Challenging My White Privilege

  Good gracious, y’all. What a time it’s been, huh? A global pandemic that will. Just. Not. Quit. The politicizing of everything about that pandemic. Racial unrest like I’ve never seen in all my 50...

A Celiac Disease Diagnosis at 14

When our oldest daughter was born almost 15 years ago, the hospital was a testing site for a new global study that was in its infancy called the TEDDY Study (TEDDY stands for The...

A Pandemic Self-Pity Party

I’m having a little, mini pandemic self-pity party for myself. This lockdown has been long. And let me first say that my situation is so much better than so many people’s. I know that, and...

What I’ve Learned During Our COVID-19 Spring Lockdown

Greetings from lockdown! How are y'all holding up, here on our 3,854th day of social distancing? I hope everyone is safe, well, still getting along with your people, and able to find some joy and...

Gratitude During a Global Pandemic

How are you? I mean how are you, really? I know – life is bonkers right now. Really, really bonkers. The whole thing. Shutting everything down, kids home from school, social distancing. There is SO...

The Importance of the Family Meeting

Now that I’m all grown up, some of my favorite childhood memories are of our family meetings. My parents would host these meetings a couple of times a year for various reasons – to discuss...

My To-Do List as I Approach Age 50

So *someone* has a birthday this year. Well (God willing), we all will, but *someone* has a BIG birthday this year. Y’all. I turn FIFTY in May. The big 5-0. Whaaaaaat? This birthday has caused...

Finding an Attitude of Gratitude When You Live with Middle Schoolers

It’s the season of giving thanks, y’all! How’re you doing with it? I’ll be honest – I’m being challenged a little bit – teens and tweens can test even the most grateful person that ever lived....

When Racism and School Shooting Threat Hits Close to Home

My brain and heart are heavy and dark and jumbled and sad and angry, and I’m at a complete loss of how to handle it. And they’ve been that way for a minute now… This...

The Importance of Friends as a Mom

“She’s such a great mom – she sacrifices herself for the family.” “She puts everyone else before herself.” “She absolutely lives for her family.” These statements may actually sound good, like something we as moms (or dads)...

Managing Screen Time in the Summer :: A Midsummer’s Night(mare)

Aaah, summer. It’s so great, because you can relax more in the mornings without everyone racing out the door to school. But it’s also kind of awful, because you have to fill a LOT...