katrina Siron

katrina Siron
Katrina is a mom of three great kids and has been married to her first love for nearly 10 years. She’s grateful to have a job that allows her the flexibility to both work from home some days and in the office others. On the surface, Katrina is pretty crunchy – she loves breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, natural birth, and homeschooling — but still loves her stroller, having her kids in their own beds at some point, her epidural was fantastic, and she’ll be sending the kids through public school. Most of all she loves the fact that we have all these choices, which makes life interesting! One of her favorite experiences was moving to Japan in 2002 to live as an adult dependent with their USMC family. It was an amazing experience, and if it weren’t for that, she probably wouldn’t ever have met my husband.

Don’t Rush to Turn Quarantine Time to School Time

Dear Fellow Working Parents: Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? I know I am. I am seeing blog posts, Facebook and Instagram posts, e-mails from teachers and other educators, all with tons of free learning at...

Asian Food Made Simple :: A Taste of Thai

  It's no secret that I love cooking. On top of that, I love cooking a wide variety of things - from simple spaghetti or meatloaf to more complicated soups and ethnic dishes. It's something...

Remember When…

From the backseat of the minivan one day, I heard my 10-year-old start a conversation with his siblings. “Remember when. . .” And those two words squeezed my mama's heart. This is why the time...

Keep it Simple :: 2 Easy Tips for Back to School Organization

Now that school is back in session, I'm finding myself, once again, flooded with mounds of paper. Lots, and lots, of paper. With three kids in school - one in 1st grade, one in 2nd,...

Let’s Get Back to Nature :: Swimming Holes and other Water Fun Around Columbia!

Like any Southern mama, I spend the summer with my kids with two goals in mind: keeping the peace and staying cool. The most effective way to achieve both goals is to get us...

Third Grade Sucks

Dear Mom of a Rising Third-Grader, Congratulations! Your child has survived and hopefully thrived through their first few years of elementary school. I’m sure there were bumps and hiccups along the way, but you and...

4 Ways Working Moms Can Make the Most of Summer Break

Like so many other parents out there, my work doesn't stop for summer break. It doesn't even slow down a little. It can be challenging to make summer break actually feel like summer, or...

Synchronized Fireflies Light Up the Night at Congaree National Park

It’s that time of year again – time to watch the fireflies do their thing! I’m not talking about a trip to see the Columbia Fireflies baseball team. Before there was a baseball team, these...
Bed-Sharing with Siblings – the Natural Evolution of Co-Sleeping | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Bed-Sharing with Siblings :: the Natural Evolution of Co-Sleeping

It may not be the most requested item on every parent’s wish list, but it cracks the top five on most – sleep. We want sleep. We want our kids to sleep. We crave...

Adoption by Association :: Words of Advice

Often when we think of adoption, we may have a pre-conceived notion in our heads of what that looks like. Infant adoption. Infant adoptions by parents who can't, or choose not to, have biological children. We think of big...

Kids in the Kitchen :: A Recipe for Success in 7 Easy Steps

If motherhood were a house, and the different areas of parenting expertise were rooms, the one place I feel extra confident is in the kitchen. I love to cook, and my kids love to...
Dear Overwhelmed Mom, It Does Get Better | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Dear Overwhelmed Mom, It Does Get Better

Dear Overwhelmed Mom, I've seen you in our favorite store (*cough*Target*cough*), with a baby strapped to your front, a toddler struggling to get out of the buggy seat, and a preschooler or two that can't...
Fun and Affordable Things to Do with Older Kids in Columbia | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Fun and Affordable Things to Do with Older Kids in Columbia

I have three busy, growing, active children. Right now, they are ages eight, six, and five. When they were all small, it was easy to find inexpensive places for us to hang out and...
Dinnertime Difficulties :: Benefits of Having a Later Mealtime | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Dinnertime Difficulties :: Benefits of Pushing Mealtime Back

Dinnertime. It is supposed to be the meal when families enjoy time together, savoring both the food and time with loved ones. With hectic schedules, picky eaters, and overtired parents, it's no wonder dinnertime...

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