Kelly Barbrey

Kelly Barbrey is an early riser, old soul and retail therapy expert. She is a wife to Jonathan and a mom to two strong-willed daughters, born in 2007 and 2010. Kelly grew up in Atlanta, GA and earned a degree in magazine journalism from The University of Georgia. She has worked full time in tourism marketing for Experience Columbia SC since 2004, where she loves to share all the exciting things happening in Columbia, SC with potential travelers. When she’s not working or wrangling kids, she enjoys date nights with her husband at local restaurants, exercise, reading and sharing real and humorous accounts of life, motherhood and nostalgia on her blog, Up Early + Often.

Shake Break :: Celebrate National Vanilla Milkshake Day in Columbia SC

Vanilla sometimes gets a bad rap for being, well, vanilla. But sometimes vanilla is the only flavor your kids will accept. And with melty weather and meltdown-y kids in the forecast, we’re all glad...

Dear Mama, It’s MAY :: A poem of solidarity in a month of crazy

On the last day of April you scroll through your phone In a rare quiet moment with coffee, alone To prepare and to plan - get ahead for the day When you realize in horror the next...
10 Parenting Rites of Passage for the First 10 Years | Columbia SC Moms Blog

10 Parenting Rites of Passage for the First 10 Years

I remember my baby shower well. I'd never changed a diaper. The only babysitting experience I had was playing with younger cousins on holidays with many other relatives nearby. I even remember telling my...

8 Ways to Celebrate Basketball Tournament Week in Columbia SC

Columbia, South Carolina will be a site for the first and second rounds of the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament at Colonial Life Arena March 21-24, 2019. It’s the first time since 1970 that the...
Dear Teacher, I Promise My Kid Owns Pants | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Dear Teacher, I Promise My Kid Owns Pants

I seriously contemplated emailing my child's teacher this morning. I desperately wanted to let her know that I had strongly suggested (ahem, demanded) long pants, not shorts, as attire for this rainy-ish 47 degree...

Please Go to Sleep :: Parenting Through the Night

Over the holidays my sister-in-law asked if I had any tips for transitioning a toddler from a crib to a big-kid bed. After thinking for a few moments on how I could possibly regale...
Christmas in Tweenville - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Christmas in Tweenville

Not long ago in a land just like this There were two little girls who were on the nice list. They both wrote to Santa, so heartfelt and real And all his deliveries were met with a...
The Babysitter Village - Embracing a Variety of Childcare Helpers - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Babysitter Village :: Embracing a Variety of Childcare Helpers

I distinctly remember a conversation I had with someone shortly after returning to work after having my first child. She was talking about her son, and mentioned that he and his wife had decided...
Introverted Mom, Extroverted Life | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Introverted Mom, Extroverted Life

Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually an introvert. How can this be? I have a job that requires lots of networking and public speaking, a very social family and therefore a very social schedule, and...
It’s Not Fall in the South Until… | Columbia SC Moms Blog

It’s Not Fall in the South Until…

By now our northern sisters are pulling on their sweaters, and cozying up with a mug of something steamy to welcome the cool, crisp season. To say we’re jealous is an understatement. Down here, even...
Kid-Friendly Brunch Spots in Columbia | Columbia SC Moms Blog

8 (More) Kid-Friendly Brunch Spots in Columbia

As a mom, I get a kick out of  those t-shirts that say “But first...brunch.” Seriously, if you are a mom you know “but first” includes a whole heap of other things like diaper...

“Mom, I’m Bored!” :: 6 Inexpensive Ideas For a Throwback Summer

Only 1.5 days after the big yellow school bus chugged out of sight for the last time until August, I heard the dreaded words: “Mom, I’m bored!” Nope. That's impossible. You have been counting down...

Like Mother, Like Daughter :: 5 Signs You Are Becoming Your Mother

Being a mom is one of the world’s greatest joys, but it’s also hands-down the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Can you relate? You start doing things you promised you’d never do as a...