Kelly Shank

Kelly moved from Indiana to Columbia six years ago for her husband’s job. He works for the Fireflies...let’s glow! They have one son, Callan, who is almost five, and one furbaby, Eddie, who is six. Their son Cal was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder a little over a year ago. For the past couple of years, their life has been consumed with all things therapy related. Columbia and the surrounding area (Kelly lives in Chapin) has truly been a wonderful place to call home. They’ve met the most amazing people, have attended a wonderful church, and have found a deep love for this special place for reasons she never would have guessed!

Changing the Narrative of Autism

"Autism. Where hearts melt and hearts break on a daily basis, sometimes at the same time. Autism is hard, love is easy. My child is worth every moment.” -Fiona Goldsworthy   What do you do when...

Why I Chose Not to Breastfeed

I had severe preeclampsia with my son. It resulted in an emergency c-section, and my son being transferred by ambulance to a higher level NICU at a different hospital than I was at, for...

How School Supplies Had Me Saying “What If?”

I was walking through Target with my son and we saw the school supplies all being set out. The summer items were already dwindling and being replaced by crayons, markers, and notebooks. It’s July. Summers...