Kimberly Poovey

Kimberly Poovey
Kimberly is a writer, speaker, wife, and new(ish) mom. She directs the teen pregnancy prevention program for Daybreak pregnancy center, and is a founder of Pearls, an organization that serves women in the sex industry and fights human trafficking in the Midlands. She studied English literature at Florida Atlantic University, and though she will always be a Florida girl at heart, she has called Columbia home for the last seven years. She and her husband Braden have been married for a fabulous decade, and they welcomed their first child, Declan Finn, into the world on June 3rd, 2015. She is a contributor for Scary Mommy, the Huffington Post, and The Mighty. You can find her wandering around the great outdoors, drinking far too much coffee at her favorite local shops, and on Facebook.
9 Ways to Save Money at the South Carolina State Fair - Columbia SC Moms Blog

9 Ways to Save Money at the South Carolina State Fair {Giveaway Included!}

It's that time of year again. Sweaters are (maybe, slowly) starting to make their way out of storage. Pumpkin spice everything can be found around every corner. The first leaves are beginning to turn...
The Best of Soda City Market with Kids | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Best of Soda City Market With Kids

Soda City Market is a Saturday ritual in our house. We all love it. It's the perfect place to people-watch, eat breakfast/brunch/lunch, enjoy good music, and just relax with your family and friends. And...
Children's Books for Woke Parents | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Children’s Books for Woke Parents

It's 10,000 degrees outside in Columbia right now, which makes it the PERFECT time to log some quality time at the library, or cuddle up with some iced tea and a stack of great...
Columbia’s Best Staycation Destinations | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Columbia’s Best Staycation Destinations

Sometimes, even when you're on vacation, home is where the heart is! Staycations can be a blast, with your kiddos or without. Here's why: You don't need to worry about pricey plane tickets or...
Favorite Toddler-Friendly Play Areas in Columbia | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Favorite Toddler-Friendly Play Areas in Columbia

When you've got a toddler, you know that not all playgrounds are created equal. With small kids who are just learning to walk and run, you need a unique play area to meet their...
Best Valentine's (and Galentine's) Day Date Nights in Columbia | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Best Valentine’s (and Galentine’s) Date Nights in Columbia

Whether you prefer Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, or BOTH, it's that time of year again! For my hubby and I, we started a tradition years ago that on Feb. 14, we stay in, avoid...
How to Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King This Week and Every Week | Columbia SC Moms Blog

How to Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This Week and Every Week

This Monday, we will celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And while it's always great to get a long weekend, please, please don't think of Monday as just another...
Black Friday? Yeah, No. | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Black Friday? Yeah, No.

The Thanksgiving holiday break is upon us. A day for family, food, underhanded political comments, and Aunt Esther having one-too-many pre-dinner cocktails. Ah yes. The holidays are here.  But for some, it's only a predecessor for that most...

The Globe-Trotting Mama’s Guide to Traveling Without Your Babies

Leaving your little one(s), even for a few hours, isn't always easy. (Well, let's be real, sometimes it is.) But what if you're leaving them for days?   Since my two-year-old was born, I've spent over three total...

The (Mostly) Hippie Mama’s Guide to Flu Season

Fall is here, (HORRAY!), which means it's time for pumpkins, apples, bonfires, and scarves.  Unfortunately, it also means it's time for colds, the flu, and other nasty bugs. I'm a bit of a germaphobe, and...

Best Spots in Columbia for a Mom’s Night Out

It's time ladies. It's time for a night out. No babies, no hubbies. Just gal-pals and good times. Here are a few of my favorites in the Midlands:  Ladies Night at California Republic SUP  Every Thursday...

Columbia’s Best Baby Hotspots

Having a baby is one of the most transformative, exciting, exhausting, and astonishing things in the known universe. It can also be the most isolating thing you’ve ever done, leaving you feeling stuck in...
Family laying on the grass looking at Solar Eclipse | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Plan Your Total Eclipse Weekend

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Columbia will be one of the prime viewing spots in the world for a total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21 at precisely 2:41...

Loving My Body, Right Now

At this moment, my body is the heaviest it's been since I was pregnant. And, I just had a sassy, professional pinup photo shoot done. These sentences don’t often go hand in hand, but I...

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