Latonya Jones

Latonya is a human service professional with an undergrad degree in journalism from Benedict College. A newly published author, She has a passion for educating and entertaining women on topics regarding mental health, parenting, self-help, and self-care. When she is not working, you can find her mothering, traveling, or enjoying a fancy meal with her teenager and toddler.

Terminating Your Breastfeeding Contract

By now, we all probably know that breastfeeding has amazing benefits for baby, such as providing antibodies that help fight off various bacteria, viruses, germs, and diseases, and lowering the risk of infections and...
How to Raise Financially Responsible Children - Columbia SC Moms Blog

How to Raise Financially Responsible Children

Christmas holiday, tax return season, birthdays, a good report card, and weekly allowances are just a few of the ways your child can "feel" rich. Recently, I was helping my teenager organize his room. I...
Grocery Shopping :: Overcoming the Meltdowns | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Grocery Shopping :: Overcoming the Meltdowns

Recently, I posted on my social media page regarding my toddler's nap time and grocery shopping. Surprisingly, I wasn't the only mommy with this problem or who felt this way. Thanks to my 20-month-old,...
Absent Parents and the Children They’ve Left Behind - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Absent Parents and the Children They’ve Left Behind

When the relationship between my children’s father and I ended, so did the relationship between him and my children. Trying to implement a visitation schedule and encourage him to participant in the upbringing of...

The XXX-Rated Version of Parenting

Thank heaven for little boys. They get to carry on the family name, live up to legacy of the men before them, and tend to be great protectors. Raising my son, everything is competitive; from...
How to Care for an Aging Parent While Parenting | Columbia SC Moms Blog

How to Care for an Aging Parent While Parenting

For most middle-aged adults, you're in the prime of your life with your career intact, the marriage you dreamed of, and the family you always wanted. But what do you when your parents are...

4 Tips for Keeping Dad Healthy this Father’s Day & Beyond

You've heard the saying, men live longer with wives in their lives. I also like to think that dads live longer with children in their lives. The piggyback rides, chasing toddlers around the house,...
Motherhood :: What They Didn't Tell You | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Motherhood :: What They Didn’t Tell You

From the moment you announce you're expecting, you will be greeted with a tribe of mothers ready to school you on how to deal with colic, which brand of diapers is better, what detergent...

Myth Buster :: The Perfect Parent

Recently, it seems like everyone in my circle of mommy friends is having issues with their preteen/teen. Suspensions from school, inappropriate behavior, sassy mouthing, etc. We are all completely out of advice for one...

Guarding Your Teen’s Heart This Valentine’s Day

For most, Valentine's Day is a day love. A day to celebrate that love through an act of appreciation to or from the one you love. Appreciation is usually illustrated in the form of...

The Report Card Review :: How to Stay Sane When Your Kid Doesn’t Make...

We all want out children to be successful and make good grades. But what happens if your child does less than stellar? I'm sure any loving parent will agree that if your child needs help,...
The Gift of Blended Families | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Gift of Blended Families This Holiday Season

The most wonderful-est time of the year is finally here! For most families, this means planning the dinner menu, deciding on which family member is going to host the holiday dinner, or finalizing travel...
A Real Look at Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) | Columbia SC Moms Blog

A Real Look at Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

September is designated as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Month. PCOS is identified as an auto-immune condition, that affects a woman’s hormones. In fact, the condition is the #1 endocrine disorder in women of child...
desperate | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Not The “P” Word!

The "P" word. No, I’m not talking about potato chips or pecan pie. It's the other “P” word; the one no one wants to talk about. Postpartum Depression. Postpartum depression is a mood disorder most commonly...