Lauren was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. She and her husband own a local upholstery shop called, Hot Rod's Upholstery. Lauren is a stay at home mama bear to two teenagers, a spunky little girl, and a toddler who is into everything. In a former life she was a single mom and yes her hair is naturally curly. Lauren loves binge watching Netflix and day trips to Charleston, South Carolina.

10 Educational Day Trips From Columbia

As a history buff, I love educational trips. Isn't it fun to go to a completely new place that you've never been to before and learn and experience something new? I sure think so!...

The Other Great South Carolina Beaches for Vacations & Day Trips

There is no doubt that Myrtle Beach is our state's best-known and most popular beach. But South Carolina has many other wonderful family-friendly beaches that are also great places to spend your summer vacation...

4 St. Patrick’s Day Books to Share With Your Kids

I love reading and I love St. Patrick's Day. When I was a little girl, my mom used to take my three little sisters and me to our local library every summer for the...

Dear Grandparents… Here’s What Your Grandkids Really Want

I have the best memories of the times I spent with my grandparents growing up. On my dad's side I remember my grandma getting us a plastic ball and bat and tossing the ball...
4 Father’s Day Books for Little Kids

4 Father’s Day Books for Little Kids

Father’s Day is a great way to celebrate the special dads in your life. For me, that includes my dad, grandfather, and husband. I found some fun books to help share the meaning of...

What No One Tells You About Curly Hair

Unfortunately, most of us were teased at school, by a family member or a friend for something. No one's body or appearance is perfect. Whether this was done in jest or just plain meanness...

5 Mother’s Day Books for Children

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some fun-themed books! Here are five my family enjoyed. The Greatest Mother's Day of All This is a cute book written...
I Survived Postpartum Depression | Columbia SC Moms Blog

I Survived Postpartum Depression

If you’re reading this and suffered with postpartum anxiety or depression, then know that I understand how incredibly strong and courageous you are. There are many of us who didn’t make it. Women who...

8 Reasons Why I Love Having Teenagers!

I have two kids under the age of five and three children between the ages of 13 and 16. There are certain aspects of parenting that make me love the toddler stage and certain...

Columbia’s Guide to the Best Southern Barbeque

I love southern barbeque. I’m not talking about grilling out. I’m talking about boston butt covered in mustard based sauce. In the south we call pulled pork “barbeque.” So if a local says they want some barbeque that...
Keto and Gluten Free Holiday Recipes | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Keto and Gluten Free Holiday Recipes

I've been on a ketogenic diet and gluten free journey over the past two years. Y'all, journeys are tough and sometimes we fail, but we keep on trying. I'm not following a "fad diet."...
No Apologies :: I Put My Christmas Tree Up Early | Columbia SC Moms Blog

No Apologies :: I Put My Christmas Tree Up Early

It seems like there is a running joke about people who put their Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. I can understand their side, but I also understand the other side. For the past decade...
Tubal Ligation :: My Experience Having My Tubes Tied | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Tubal Ligation :: My Experience Having My Tubes Tied

I've given birth to three beautiful children - a boy and two girls. My first two definitely fit the "wild child" description - full of life, energy, and love (especially the energy). They have very...

Raising a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

I have known my daughter was different since she was around 18 months old. Before she was two, she knew her way around town. When we would drive by Home Depot she would ask...