Mandi Heming

Mandi Heming grew up outside of Atlanta, GA before moving to Irmo, SC in 2000. She and her knife-making husband have been married since 2005. The mom of two girls, Mandi left her ten year career in the mortgage business shortly after the birth of her second daughter. Now, she spends her days brainstorming ways to keep her toddler out of mischief as she homeschools her oldest daughter. She also helps manage her husband’s small business and is actively involved in women’s ministry at her church. A self-confessed minimalist, Mandi is passionate about simplifying life in order to make the most of the time we’re given. She writes about intentional living on her blog, Most of the Mist. In the twelve minutes of spare time she has each week, Mandi can be found rocking out to ’90s tunes with an adult coloring book and a good cup of coffee.
Is Your Family Prepared for an Emergency - Columbia SC Moms Blog.

Is Your Family Prepared for an Emergency?

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When You Feel Like a Failure

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Keeping Your Little One Quiet in Church

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The Top 9 Hits of the 90s {Toddler Edition}

We all know that life with a toddler is just one big party... right? Okay, maybe not, but we should still commemorate the experience with a killer soundtrack. So cue the dream sequence sound effect and let's imagine...

Are Food Dyes Causing Your Toddler’s Tantrums?

Some time around my youngest daughter's second birthday, I noticed her behavior was becoming more and more difficult to manage. Having navigated these waters before, I chalked it up to the "terrible twos" and hoped...