Melanie Mcgehee

Melanie McGehee never knew she wanted to be a mom. Even marriage caught her somewhat by surprise, in spite of the fact that she met husband Andy through a matchmaking service. She thanked eharmony by writing about that experience for an anthology, A Cup of Comfort for Women in Love. Almost two years to the day after marrying him, she stared at two pink lines and wonder aloud, “Is this okay?” His response, “Kind of late to be asking that now.” It was a bit late – in life. But at the advanced maternal age of 35, she delivered by surprise at 35 weeks and an emergency C-section, a healthy bay boy. Ian, an only child like herself, is ten years old and unlike any of the children Melanie has tutored, substitute taught, or led in a variety of church activities. Together with him, Melanie has discovered Thomas, SpongeBob, youtube tech channels, Lemony Snicket, Kate DiCamillo, shirts with no tags, and tooth powder. You can follow Melanie’s personal adventures and her love of children and teaching at beingmissmelanie.

Dear Moms, Stay Calm and Wait to Hear From Your Teacher!

I’ve got the inside scoop and I need to tell you... Teachers are still teaching! I’m a middle-aged mom who just rejoined the full-time workforce last August and am working in the public middle school...

Moms to See in the 803 :: Kate Hough, Lady Angler and Teacher

Exuberant. That’s Kate Hough. Kate is rocking the male dominated sport of angler fishing and bringing home medals. She introduced herself to Columbia SC Moms Blog and I couldn’t wait to officially interview her....

Lunch Ideas & Kitchen Tips for the Middle Schooler Who Is Home Alone

Do you have school age kids who are staying home alone this summer? If so, then my question for you is this: do you let them cook? It's been quite the epiphany that my parenting...

How to Entertain Your Child at Home All Day :: Advice From a Childcare...

"How do I entertain my two-year-old all day long?" I could feel the desperation in that mom when I read the Facebook post. I scanned the replies and thought most suggestions seemed like a lot...
Exotic fruit salad served in half a dragon fruit

Try It, You’ll like It! How and Why You Should Taste New Foods at...

Do you remember the fun you had introducing your baby to new foods? Every day was a new little adventure. You can still enjoy those adventures today, no matter their age - or yours! All...
The Onesie DIY Baby Shower You'll Want to Do Again and Again

The Onesie DIY Baby Shower You’ll Want to Do Again and Again

I squealed when I saw my friend's baby shower pics on facebook. Maybe it was because I'm way past being in the know and this was my first time seeing this kind of DIY...

We Sent Our Kids off on the Soda Cap Connector and You Should, Too!

Gone are the good old days. Gone are the days when children hop on their bikes in the morning, spend the day exploring with their friends, and return home tired. Gone are those days,...
Report Card Freebies | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Report Card Freebies

It's that time again for many Midlands students and we're wondering -  do you reward good grades at your house? We don't usually, but we do head to Krispy Kreme, with that special print...

The Sleeping Beauty :: Making the Most of Your Ballet Experience With Kids

This Saturday, March 30, you can be whisked away to the magical land of ballet and symphony, all in one. Imagine a New York City experience captured in an afternoon or evening right here...

Moms Guide to State Parks Near Columbia

South Carolina boasts 47 state parks and with the capital city being smack in the middle of the state, every one of them could be a day trip. When we polled our readers, we found Oconee...
8 New Music Artists Your Child (and You!) Will Love

8 New Music Artists You & Your Child Will Love!

Motherhood introduced me to a lot of things. I was not surprised that it changed my book reading and television watching habits. But I was shocked that it opened up a whole new world of...

Knock, Knock! Who’s There? Hospitality After Halloween

We'd lived in the neighborhood five months and I still didn't know anyone with kids. My baby was almost one year old and I planned to make the most of Halloween. Armed with a plastic jack-o-lantern...

Community Will Save Chicken Nugget Crisis Again

Are you fretting about what may spoil when Hurricane Florence takes out the power? One family in the Midlands has already sent out the call for help. Their friends are helping solve a chicken...
How My Bestie and I Get a Moms’ Weekend Away (and you can, too!) | Columbia SC Moms Blog

How My Bestie and I Get a Moms’ Weekend Away (and you can, too!)

My best friend lives halfway across the country and getting together is vital to both our sanities. So what do we do when meeting over coffee won't work? We prioritize weekends away. Some folks...

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