Michelle Lucas

Michelle is a Georgia girl – born and bred in Macon, and a graduate of UGA (no booing!). She moved to Columbia in 2003 and has loved it here ever since. As a full time working outside-the-home wife to Andrew (5+yrs) and mom to Reynolds (3) and Eliza Jane (18mos), she has her hands and life very full! Michelle started her blog, Camellias and Copper in the Spring of 2014 and it has been a wonderful journey so far. Michelle blogs about everything from her faith to getting hijacked by her kids and locked in the bathroom, vacations (and all the packing!), food and anything in between. A favorite weekend enjoyment is hosting Sunday Suppers for their neighbors and friends.
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Pop-Up Summer Drive-In Movie Series Coming to Columbia

I'm one of those nostalgic people. I long for the summer nights (sung perfectly by Danny Zuko) and drive-in movies. I would have been the perfect bobbysoxer in a poodle skirt! If those thoughts bring a...

The Search For The Perfect Swimsuit

I recently took a couple of days off of work. While I was going through my to-do list one of those days, "find a swimsuit" was listed. I'm pretty sure I sighed heavily at...

The Day I Had Mastitis

It was going to be a lovely Friday. It was my day off after having been back to work for four full weeks post-maternity. I was looking forward to cleaning/tidying up the house, a...

When Heart Disease Hits Home :: A Real Life Story

It was a Wednesday afternoon when I got the phone call from my dad. My mom had a massive heart attack at Niagra Falls, a thousand miles from their home. My parents planned their trip...
Breastfeeding | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Mom Confession :: Breastfeeding

Hey Momma, I'm going to pretend we're sitting at a cafe in a quaint little town and I'm just going to share my heart with you ... a confession of sorts. So grab your...
5 Things I Love About Living in Forest Acres - Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Things I Love About Living in Forest Acres

My husband, infant son and I moved to Forest Acres just three short summers ago. And though I may not have realized it at the time, it was the best decision we ever made....
Pregnancy and Vanity Sizing - CSCMB

Pregnancy and Vanity Sizing

I read an article recently in Real Simple magazine about women's clothing sizes. And the gist of the whole article was how sizes have changed over the years: why, how, by whom, etc. What was...
Maternity Fashion from Stitch Fix - CSCMB

My New Love :: Maternity Fashion From Stitch Fix

Okay, so maybe we don't consider ourselves, or even want to be, fashionista moms. BUT, have you ever found yourself wondering where all the cute maternity clothes are? I have! I am pregnant with our third child this...

On Boys :: The Truth About Reading and Writing

The other day my husband announced to me that we really needed to start working on our son's literacy skills. I tilted my head and was like, "What do you mean?" In my mind, our son...

Trying To Be A Fit Mom

As I typed the title of this blog post, I googled "Fit Mom" and an array of websites and pictures popped up in my results. All of course, making me feel LESS fit than...

Pregnancy After Loss :: Dealing With Anxiety

We're now just sixteen weeks into our pregnancy and I have to confess that when the little plus sign showed up on my E.P.T test I freaked out a little. Yes, I was really excited...

Mom Confession :: I Really Am Selfish

I posted on my personal blog a few weeks ago about how our son has started staying up later at night. This whole nap time thing at school is affecting his nighttime schedule and...

Should I Wash My Hair?

Y'all. The struggle is real. Should I wash my hair? Should YOU wash YOUR hair? Do you remember back when you were a complete zombie, after your precious baby was born? You went days, weeks...

Why We Use Nutella as a Bribe

Y'all know where I am going with this, don't you? My kid doesn't eat. {How many of you just nodded your head, or said "Amen!"?!} He is the PICKIEST of the picky and it's almost painful...