Rhonda Sims

Rhonda is a licensed professional realtor who services clients in South Carolina with their home buying and home selling needs. Married to her husband Jermaine now for 5 years who serves as an active-duty officer in the US Army, Rhonda has made Columbia her home after attending USC. Being a blended family (on both sides) with a household of four children under the age of ten, “we have to master chaos and schedules at all times.” Rhonda is passionate about breaking ceilings in the motherhood community that pushes women to have transparent and vulnerable conversations about their motherhood journey. She uses her podcast called “The Mom Mic” to highlight everyday moms through topics and conversations that are sometimes seen as uncomfortable. Rhonda is also an advocate for wellness and taking the natural healing journey to restore and revitalize the body. Rhonda believes that Moms have superpowers; “people often ask me how do you do it?”, I say, I really don’t know but I believe that we have been equipped to do such a divine assignment that God gives us all we need. You can often find Rhonda practicing Yoga, meditating, listening to her favorite podcast on Apple Tunes, shopping, interior decorating stores, and spending time with her close friends and family.

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