Ronisha Jones

Ronisha Jones
I am a single parent to 1 busy little girl. I am a native of Columbia, and I LOVE my city! I love discovering new things to do and recreating some of my favorite foods.

Please Remove Your Shoes :: An Allergy Story

It is my belief that South Carolina is the allergy capital of the world. No, I do not have scientific evidence of this. I do, however, know that I did not have an issue...

Hosting a Drive-Through Baby Shower

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were a few weeks away from having my younger sister’s baby shower. Baby showers are honestly a godsend. They allow us to get help with the essentials (and...

Easter, Modified

I have a large family. We do everything together. By everything, I mean we eat to celebrate everything. Every single holiday. Easter is usually as big as Thanksgiving for us. However, COVID-19 has shifted our...

The Mental Diet :: Maintaining Your Sanity During Social Distancing

We are all in the same boat. We have been ordered to socially distance ourselves from others, and stay at home as much as possible. Why are so many of us losing it? Is it...

Tips For Introducing Your Children To Your Partner

Introducing your children to your partner can be tricky. When is the right time? How do I do it? Will my kids like him/her? Will he/she like my kids? I think there are several important...

Turkey Noodle Soup :: A Kid-Approved Recipe

A little birdie told me January is National Soup Month. Soup is the one dish that I seriously eat all year round. I don’t care what the temperature is. I. Love. Soup! For me,...

The Magic of Christmas

Do your children believe in Santa? I never told my daughter that Santa existed. What she knows, she learned from cartoons and other people. I never had a reason not to tell her that...

Single Parenting During the Holidays

Single parenting in general can be tough. I talk a lot of things over with my married coworkers and some of them remind me that having a spouse doesn’t always make things easier. While I...

Being a Friend During a Loss

Last year, my friend and her husband lost their baby a little over midway through their pregnancy. It was life altering. It was heartbreaking. Their experience was horrible. I will never forget her calling...

Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2001. A day I will never forget. I was barely 18 years old and serving in the United States Army. I was terrified. I was a child. A child that had sworn...

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