Starr Schrenker

Starr Schrenker
Starr is an engineer-designer-writer-mom on a mission to save the world, herself and honey bees. Her hobbies include, but aren't limited to, mixed media creative expression, introducing her daughters to good books as well as the joys of learning all the things, recycling glass and reducing landfill burden. She lives in West Columbia with her awesome family, an elderly English bulldog and an even older guinea pig. Find Starr on Medium at @starrschrenker and Instagram at @starrwdesigns. She is [still] the author of an upcoming novel about life as we pretend to know it.

10 Creative Ways to Keep Kids of All Ages Entertained

The busiest - and sometimes scariest - time of year is fast approaching... Christmas Break! While the kids are counting down the days of not being in school, moms like me are scrambling to come up...

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