Tania Foster

Tania was born in West Palm Beach, Florida but was raised by her paternal grandparents in a rural village in Nigeria. Tania and her sister returned to Florida when she was 13. She moved to Columbia in 2014 to support her sister who at the time was stationed at Ft. Jackson as a Drill Sergeant and was a new mom. She met her husband Roger who is a local pharmacist and a small business owner in 2015 and found a reason to stay in Columbia. She is mom to Darniel (14), Elton (4), and auntie to Jaylon (7). Tania has a passion for helping people understand their current financial picture so they can live better now while planning for their future. After years of working for some of the big investment firms she decided to take a leap of faith to start her own financial planning and wealth management firm; she’s the founder of TF Wealth Advisors. She loves to read. When she’s not reading the latest economic news, you can find her reading a romance novel or a memoir. Tania and her family enjoy the outdoors and mini-vacations.

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