Tawanda Taylor-White

Tawanda is a mom, wife, social worker, and lover of jazz Christmas music, Hallmark Holiday movies, and all things that take place in autumn. She met her wife in 2013 and they have been together every day since - literally! They have two children and two fur babies, and are preparing her home to become foster parents. The journey of a two-mom family can look a little different, but Tawanda is open, transparent, and true about the ups and downs, showing hard times but also teaching and learning as we all figure out this blessing (but not so easy journey) called parenting.

Fall, Fear, Faith and Foster Care!

Who loves fall more than me?!  Pumpkin everything is EVERYWHERE!! I get all giddy on the inside as August starts to phase out. I can smell the fair food, hear the laughs and giggles...

Coasting Through the Summer

As we adjust to life after trying to figure out a new normal, it feels as if summer has flown by. With all things put on hold for some time now - family vacations,...