Back to School is for Moms Too!


Back to School is for Moms Too! | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Can you believe it is already August? You know what that means, don’t you? It’s back-to-school time! And if you’re a mom like me, you’re probably doing a little happy dance right now just thinking about it. 

I remember when I was a kid watching the Staples commercial where the dad is joyfully running through the aisles throwing school supplies into his cart and his kids are trudging along behind him as if it’s the end of the world. When I was their age, that’s exactly how I felt. I never really enjoyed school and always dreaded going back. But now that I’m a mom, I am totally that dad in the commercial (well, the mom version. – haha)!

Being a work-at-home mom means I am home with my children 100% of the summer. The entire summer, them and me. Take a moment to appreciate that, would you?

While most parents send their children to summer camp or VBS or swim lessons, we don’t do that. Finances can be tight for us so that means the boys stay home with mommy all summer. My husband does a lot of military work over the summer and isn’t around often. So, mommy is on her own…

Normally this wouldn’t be a bad thing, but my two boys love to fight. So there’s that. Some days it feels like they can’t go more than 10 minutes without fighting. It’s in these moments I’d just like to run and hide in a closet with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

I’ll take them to places like the zoo or the library or a play date and they are great while we are out. But the second we walk through the door of our house they are at each other’s throats. I feel like my sanity has gone out the window as a result.

On top of the fighting, there are the trips to the grocery store. Since my husband is gone pretty much all summer, I have to take my boys grocery shopping with me. All you moms know how that goes. The constant pulling things off the shelves and saying they want the item (usually toys or candy). Then come the temper tantrums when you say no. They walk slower than you would if you were on your own, so it takes twice as long to get through the store. But when they’re in school, I get to go grocery shopping alone and it is Heaven

So when August rolls around, I am more than happy to shop for school supplies and send them on their way! That first day of school can’t come fast enough. This mama is ready for some peace and quiet in her day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but I love the time I have to myself too.

So, who’s ready for school to start?


  1. I completely get it! They fight at hm b/c that’s their comfort zone, but it becomes mom’s frustration zone.
    Plus, they are boys! Nuff said! Lol


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