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I recently came across a post on Facebook about a new dessert spot, Banana My Puddin’ Kings Bakery. If you know me, you that sweets are my weakness. When I googled the address I saw that it wasn’t too far from me, so my husband and I headed there before going to school to get in the car rider line.

The day we went, Banana My Puddin’ was having a soft opening. Therefore, only certain desserts were available for purchase. When we got inside we were greeted by the owners. They were with other customers and told us they will be with us shortly. While we waited we looked around. In their display case, they had slices of sweet potato pie, banana pudding cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, as well as other desserts.

By the time we finished checking out the display case, we were greeted again with three different samples of their banana pudding. They had strawberry crunch, regular banana pudding, and an Oreo banana pudding. They were all delicious! I believe I closed my eyes after each bite. We ended up getting two orders of banana pudding, a slice of sweet potato pie, and a banana pudding cupcake.After purchasing, we headed to the car rider line and dug into that sweet potato pie. Now not everyone can make a sweet potato pie like my grandma, but Banana My Puddin’ definitely executed it! We loved it, and it’s rare we love someone else’s sweet potato pie.

Later on that day we tasted the banana pudding cupcake. It was very moist and tasted just like banana pudding. Of course, I knew it would be good after tasting the banana pudding. This will definitely be my stop for my sweet tooth from now on.

If you are in need of a sweet treat, head on over to Banana My Puddin’ Kings Bakery. You will not be disappointed!

Banana My Puddin’ is located at 10244 Two Notch Rd, and is open Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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