Becoming a Happier Mom – A Book Review of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer


Screenshot_2014-01-14-21-31-47Reading is a huge past time for me and all avid readers know when you find a good book you MUST share! If you haven’t heard of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, it is imperative you give it a try. Oprah Winfrey featured this author on her hit show Super Soul Sunday. Now it’s a New York Times best seller (so you know it’s good)!

Before I purchased the book for my kindle app, I rented a digital copy from the Richland County Public Library. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for a library card. (Did you know you can check out more than 50 books at a time and even your baby/toddler/child can have their own library card?!?)  Now you are ready to begin checking out books or downloading from their large selection of ebooks!

Okay on to the review and how this book helped me become a happier mom…

Michael Singer founded a meditation and yoga center in 1975 called Temple of the Universe and focuses on finding inner peace (something all us mothers could use!). The book spotlights the mind, in specific, the part of the mind which incessantly chatters. Singer refers to this as “your inner roommate”. Your roommate is never satisfied with life and is always creating and finding problems with yourself, the outside world, and others. Singer explains once you are able to take a step back to observe this aspect of yourself, you will be able to understand your mind will always experience disturbances.  However these disturbances are not “who” you are, but rather “problems” because you are viewing them from a disturbed place. Singer asks you to isolate the voice deep inside yourself and pretend this voice is a real person sitting next to you and chatting, the same way your mind chats with you. When this process is played out, it really becomes quite hilarious!

After seeing how often this person changed their mind, how conflicted they were on so many subjects, and how emotionally overreactive they tended to be, would you ever ask them for relationship or financial advice? As amazing as it seems you do just that every moment of your life.

The next step in the process is to understand who you truly are. Singer asks you to ponder many questions on this topic, such as “Who sees when you see? Who hears when you hear?”  The obvious answer is “me” but Singer challenges this answer by asking you to question who exactly is the “me”. In a soft and reassuring tone he brings you to a place of self realization. You are not your experiences, thoughts, emotions, or titles. Simply put, you are merely awareness.

I am the one who sees. From back in here somewhere I look out and I am aware of the events, thoughts, and emotions, that pass before me.

Chapter after chapter Singer takes you on a journey of self recognition with an ultimate goal of being able to become more present in the now and choose a path of happiness for yourself by letting go of mental states which keep you from your happiness. One of my favorite things about the book is the scattered humor and lightheartedness found throughout. Refreshingly, I never felt intimidated by what I was reading, as Singer was more than obliged to take each concept step by step.

As a mother with a full plate and busy schedule, this book allowed me to remove the useless fear based patterns from my mind and get back to a place of simple acceptance with my life. It encouraged me to realize I have to choose to be happy with life and it’s circumstances rather than say “I will be happy if and when x happens or doesn’t happen.” And of course, every family benefits from a mom who is happy with herself!

Want to know more?  Check out an excerpt of the book and purchasing options.

What books would you recommend for becoming a happier mom?


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Stephanie never pictured herself as a mother to multiple kids, but now that she’s “that mom” she couldn’t feel more blessed! Her stay-at-home mom days aren’t always easy, but she believes parenting gives us the opportunity to heal, change, and grow more spiritually aware. She loves reading, writing, and discussing topics related to soul searching and how to get past our own personal struggles, as well as the History channel….you know, the fast life! Stephanie is the mother to three active children, ages 6, 4 and 1, and has been married to her husband Travis for 6 years. She enjoys all the city has to offer for mommy’s and children, including group play dates, playgrounds, and lately the gym, where she can get fit and the kids have an opportunity to play (a win-win!). Having lived in Columbia for the past 19 years, she considers herself a native at this point.


  1. I am going to have to borrow this book, Stephanie. I think we as women often take on so much and lose ourselves in the process. I know I have personally struggled in the past with “choosing” happiness. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Well….technically it’s an e copy…so I’m not sure how I could share! But you can buy a copy for cheap through Amazon! I buy used copies all the time for less than $5!

  2. Hi there. Just wondering if you know of any forums that are based on michael singers teachings but are parent based and how we as parents can “teach” or have the tools to use the correct words to help children naturally grow in this way… and not give them “baggage” to pack up inside. Espically around those intense emotional times that children have.

    Thanks for reading 🙂


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