“Best of” Spring Break Ideas to Keep Kids Occupied


For many families, next week is Spring Break, which means lots of time at home with the kids. Check out our “best of” ideas to keep your children entertained in (and out of) the capital city.

Columbia “Staycation” Ideas

Who says you have to travel out of town over spring break to enjoy the week off? There are plenty of kid-friendly things to do and places to visit right here in the capital city! Check out our list of locally fun activities for you and your family!

Staycation in the capital city – sounds good to me!

Kid-Friendly Day Trips From Columbia

Two hours to the mountains, two hours to the beach – Columbia’s famous for its easy getaways. But beyond sitting on a beach or climbing a mountain, there’s lots to do within a three hour drive of the capital city. No week-long vacay plans? No problem! Columbia has plenty of day trip options for kids and adults this spring break. Here’s some of our family’s favorite quickie road trips sure to make memories – at a distance short enough to keep you sane.

spring break day trips

Places to Escape When Cabin Fever Sets In

Kids love to stay busy. But, after a couple days have passed, they’ve played with every toy in the house and you’ve made every craft you (and Pinterest) can think of…it’s time to get out the house! Before you let cabin fever get the best of you (and you think a trip to Walmart with small children in tow actually sounds fun), here are  a few ideas places to visit around town.

Find somewhere to go before the “I’m bored” face sets in.

Messy Play for Yucky Days

Spring Break doesn’t always mean sunny skies. Rainy weather can make for long, hard days. A few basic ingredients and you can keep your little one occupied and provide that all important sensory stimulation we sometimes miss when cooped up indoors.

Sugar, salt, cornstarch, water and water make for a fun activity to keep kids occupied for hours!

4 Creative Outdoor Activities for Kids of All Ages

We’ve all had those days where they get tired of playing in the backyard or going to the same park. Here are a few tips you can pull out to make things interesting while enjoying nature and the outdoors.

Retrieving “treasures” from the stream with their nets during the Wet and Wonderful activity.

Cup of Elijah Craft for Passover

According to tradition, Elijah the prophet visits every Seder meal to take a drink of wine from a beautiful goblet that sits in the middle of the table. Now you and your kids can have your own Cup of Elijah for Passover Seder!


Easter Egg Dyeing Fun!

Easter is coming up, so why not try out this easy recipe for dyeing eggs with your kids! Most of the ingredients you probably have already on hand in your house. It’s interactive and inexpensive family fun!

Kids can help out!

Columbia Area Easter Egg Hunts and Activities

Columbia has lots of opportunities for egg hunts, train rides, visits from the bunny and lots of Easter goodness! Check out our list of activities around town your kids are sure to love!

 What are your family’s plans this Spring Break?




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