The Best of Soda City Market With Kids


The Best of Soda City Market with Kids | Columbia SC Moms Blog
Soda City Market is a Saturday ritual in our house. We all love it. It’s the perfect place to people-watch, eat breakfast/brunch/lunch, enjoy good music, and just relax with your family and friends. And there is something for everyone! Whether you’re with your kids, on a date, or just hanging out with friends, you’ll find something to do and enjoy at Soda City. Here are just a few of my top picks for getting the most out of the market with your kids: 

Gorilla Boost

I’m in love with this vendor. They make the yummy kind of hippie drinks and snacks that my crunchy heart craves! Try the Matcha-Colada Sunrise (pictured) and a nutrient-dense (but completely delicious) chia donut for the perfect Saturday morning pick-me-up. The mini donuts are just what you need for kids itching for a treat that you can actually feel good about giving them. 


Boiled Pnuts Y’all!

Arguably the best boiled peanuts in town, served with a sense of humor and a smile by the adorable couple who owns the ramshackle booth. (And hey, they do exorcisms!!) True confession: I had never eaten a boiled peanut before I moved to South Carolina. But my toddler could eat his weight in them. 

Ally & Eloise Bakeshop

After exhaustive personal research (you’re welcome), I declare that Ally & Eloise makes the best macaron in Columbia. Scout’s honor! You can also enjoy their treats all week long at their shop on Main Street.

Fat Baby Baking Co.

While we’re talking treats, be sure to treat yourself to a delectable homemade cookie or buttermilk biscuit from Fat Baby Baking Co., a relatively new addition to the market scene. You won’t regret it. 

The Belgian Waffle Truck

This food truck holds a special place in my heart. I order a croque monsieur waffle for breakfast almost every Saturday, and the sweet owners, Yvette and Jean-Louis, know us well. Hubby recommends the breakfast waffle (add the bacon) and Finn is a big fan of their signature Strawbwaffle if you’re looking for something sweeter.

Lil Duck Kombucha

A personal favorite for meeting all of your hippie needs. They offer free samples of all of their yummy flavors (of which Finn usually snags several) and during the winter you can also get homemade immune-boosters like elderberry syrup and bone broth. 

Pass the Pudding

Not being a native Southerner, banana pudding was a foreign concept to me until recently. And all I have to say is WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE?? Pass the Pudding is fairly new to the market, and they make some of the yummiest banana pudding I’ve ever tasted. Check them out!

What are your favorite vendors at Soda City??


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